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  1. Agreed! The irrelevant image wastes valuable screen space and is visually confusing. There does seem to be a workaround of sorts: I deleted the various new widgets, then went back to Notebooks in the sidebar and selected my most-used notebook. That is now what I see when I launch the iOS or Mac Evernote app, approximating the pre "upgrade" experience.
  2. I'm wondering if others are seeing what I saw: Viewing a single notebook (not "all notes") on the phone, I clicked on the three dots at upper right of screen and was surprised to see the "available offline" option not selected. I selected it, after which it greyed out. This seemed odd, because I had already selected the "download" option from the Settings menu. But perhaps BOTH of these options need to be selected?
  3. After messing around with this a little more... Per the attachment, status bar looks as if the notebook is still trying to download. However, spot checking notes new and old for offline availability, it appears sync is complete. Evernote on laptop (MacOS) and app on iPhone agree there are 2032 notes, and edits on one propagate to the other. Changes get pushed to the phone, but sometimes the computer app needs to be reminded to pick up the changes. Viewing my main notebook on the phone, I clicked on the three dots at upper right of screen. And was surprised to see the "Available offline"
  4. To Wayne Robinson's post above: The status bar on downloading my 2,200 notes never did complete. I can view some notes offline, others are "not available." Notes edited on phone don't reliably propagate to laptop, and vice versa. So I don't think this is just a user-interface issue. There seems to be a major structural problem. Per lionsbaywray above, this is "incredibly disturbing."
  5. It boggles the mind that a major update could so seriously compromise formerly useful software. Fortunately I have "only" 2,200 notes that are, however, taking hours to download. Did the coders never test to make sure basic functionality, for which users pay a significant fee every month, was working?
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