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Images Inline?

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Hi, I am trying to add a small image to my paragraph, but it only allows me to add it on a new line with the image being the only thing allowed on that line. I used to be able to add small images to the body of my paragraph, but now it breaks up my paragraph, any way to have images be part of the paragraph?

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Hi again.. I don't believe it was ever possible to wrap text around an image like that.  Best we can do is to create a table and add the image to one cell with text in the next one across.  You could create a word processor document (in Third Party software) which will allow an image to be posted in that way - but won't then show up in your note as an open document,  it will be just a file link. 

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2 minutes ago, gazumped said:

but won't then show up in your note as an open document,

I suppose if it is a document you don't change you can save it as a pdf, attach it to the note and then use the "single page" option to display it inline.


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I am once again amazed at how many basic features are missing from Evernote.  Why am I still paying for this service? Is there a better alternative, one in which I can inline an image? I guess I can wrap my text inside Evernote's overly-bloated tables.

So tired of running into issues like this with this product.

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8 hours ago, Matt Hartzell said:

Why am I still paying for this service?

I don't know. I find Evernote is what I need so the fee is good value. If it ceases to be so I'll stop paying. 

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Hi all, this bug is killing my notes. I extensively use inline LaTeX for academic notes, written in markdown. Since the change, any mathematical symbol (which is rendered as an inline image) now forces new lines to be inserted, rendering the notes unusable.

example images show markdown(in marxico), rendering in marxico(correct) and Evernote’s attempt



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EN is a general note taking app, and it does not support markdown (there is a thread about it where you can add your vote, as I did).

Your use case is specific, and it relies on features not supported by EN.

Harsh as it may sound, I see 2 options:

  • Insert a file from you preferred editor, use EN only to store the files. To edit you need the app used to create the files.
  • Switch to another app

A third option is to promote your case with EN (feedback or support ticket) - but I would not bet on a positive outcome.

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You come here and post a complain - fully understandable. Then you come here and tell „it works very well and integrates with EN“. You mean …

You don’t need to defend what you are doing.

The result looks crooked, the reason is the way how graphics are embedded. Just take it as it is (pretty obvious), the alternatives has been layed out already.

Your described use case is NOT supported by the current EN version. There is no need to talk around the facts. It does not make your documents look better !

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