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Hi, I am trying to add a small image to my paragraph, but it only allows me to add it on a new line with the image being the only thing allowed on that line. I used to be able to add small images to the body of my paragraph, but now it breaks up my paragraph, any way to have images be part of the paragraph?

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Windows 10 PC. I took a screenshot of my application and made a tiny selection of an icon say 19x19pixels in size but it takes up a whole line rather than being part of the paragraph/text.

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Hi again.. I don't believe it was ever possible to wrap text around an image like that.  Best we can do is to create a table and add the image to one cell with text in the next one across.  You could create a word processor document (in Third Party software) which will allow an image to be posted in that way - but won't then show up in your note as an open document,  it will be just a file link. 

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2 minutes ago, gazumped said:

but won't then show up in your note as an open document,

I suppose if it is a document you don't change you can save it as a pdf, attach it to the note and then use the "single page" option to display it inline.


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