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Workflow private or confidential

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For the individual, there are things that we wish to keep private and as a business, things we wish to keep confidential. It needs a workflow that covers storage, synchronisation between devices and communication with trusted partners. On all levels, it requires encryption, where the service provider has ZERO knowledge (end-to-end encryption). The deciding point is that EN10 is not going to be very helpful. 

Adobe Lightroom is an app designed around a specific workflow, as does  AVID ProTools and Sibelius (albeit they could be much improved). In the Evernote Forum, I have read the discussion from people who use apps that fill a niche segment: how to deal with hundreds of business emails each day in marketing or sales, or an app for project management within teams. 

Because Evernote is generic, it does not serve any particular workflow well. 

I have identified my PUBLIC workflow (web publishing) and my PRIVATE workflow, use specialised different tools (apps) that do it much better than Evernote. 

The goal of EN10 was to make it much more useful. The Legacy product had stagnated for some years. In a competitive environment where more and more apps, offer specific solutions for specific problems (workflows), Evernote still offers a generic solution. Evernote will not do anything well, and the market share will erode over time. A slow death.

Evernote has not yet achieved the functionality of Legacy (not changed since 2018) and it certainly has not come up with a vivid new identity for the space it wishes to fill. The statements from Evernote would suggest that it does not know who it is. 

There are many companies out there with a clear idea of what their app is supposed to do. I am not talking about features but rather how it makes the life of my customer easier by solving real-world problems. Workflows are one way to approach this e.g. an app for musicians to write music or photographers to distribute content (commercially), are highly valued. 

What niche does Evernote wish to fill?

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4 minutes ago, Tamagotchi said:

What niche does Evernote wish to fill?

Generic storage and organization of notes/documents   
Sync'd to cloud and devices

>>On all levels, it requires encryption

I encrypt my sensitive documents

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Just another uninformed, Blabla post by this guy.

Not to be taken serious, a lot of words, no insight and beside EN bashing nothing of value to help other users advance.

Have better things to do than feed this troll. Just made it to my ignore list, and that is it. 

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