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  1. I need to fish out an old note today that I wrote at the beginning of last year to do a quick job. I logged into Evernote in the browser as I was using a computer that I had not used for months. It was the quickest. I thought Evernote had improved since October 2020 but still felt uncomfortable using it. I was puzzled by this until I realise it is all about trust. When you buy into an app/software solution you lend the provider trust: that the company will be still around in a year or more and the product still useful to you. Without trust, you would never start on the project.
  2. Discussions, when they become emotional or political can quickly degenerate to a dichotomy: with us or against us, true or false, cloud or not cloud. Consider the problem of cloud security: admit or not? A cloud service is not useful if I cannot get access to my data. However, it is also not useful if everybody can get access to my data. It is not a dichotomy. In the modern world, it is hard to imagine a useful app without some form of connectivity. Some are all about connectivity - Facebook or websites - but this is one end of the spectrum. Do we build the system to keep eve
  3. For the individual, there are things that we wish to keep private and as a business, things we wish to keep confidential. It needs a workflow that covers storage, synchronisation between devices and communication with trusted partners. On all levels, it requires encryption, where the service provider has ZERO knowledge (end-to-end encryption). The deciding point is that EN10 is not going to be very helpful. Adobe Lightroom is an app designed around a specific workflow, as does AVID ProTools and Sibelius (albeit they could be much improved). In the Evernote Forum, I have read the discuss
  4. For most people on the planet data neither fast nor reliable. Assuming the opposite is building your business model on the sand. Local storage is essential. Some data needs to be encrypted before transmission. Business data is confidential and personal data private. If you live in a cloud, data is assumed. I have watched many people sitting around the office twiddling fingers and going out for coffee because they could not do anything because of yet another IT failure. IT reliability has become chronic as the systems do not have sufficient resilience in the real world. Let's ta
  5. Yes, I have seen this too, the metric may even be displayed on screen in the public space. It becomes a game how you can manipulate what is displayed on this board. That is all the management really cares about. Eventually, somebody hits the jackpot, the screen spews out money for somebody. At that point the management realises they have a problem and decides they need a new metric. The cycle seem to take only 3 months. It takes 3 months for somebody to crack the system and driven to the absurd. Some people are remarkably clever and creative, and it just warms my heart. 🙂 The client is th
  6. I discovered today a limitation of web applications. Because they run in the browser, they are taken hostage by the internet connection. Local applications are far less sensitive to this. It is most noticeable on a PC. A PC has a lot of CPU power and fast SSD storage to throw at a local application. This is demonstrated with Legacy, a software virtually unchanged since 2018, is much faster than the modern equivalent and intended replacement EN10. The irony of this was never lost on me. New is that the level of internet dependence that EN10. For the sake of testing, I did not use Eve
  7. Customer service in the current decade has become rather curious. Help pages usually give you instructions for the most basic functionality, which you can usually work yourself. More advanced functionality is often poorly documented. There will come a time when help pages help no more, and you need to contact support. Support often refers you to the "basics" page as that is easier and quickest. When there it is tricky, they will get right back with "we have passed the suggestion off to our dev team". This phrase has become a euphemism for "no idea and not my job." You know you ha
  8. I am a tagger and for tagging and tagging searches Legacy is the best - faster and more functionality. The EN10 has a ridiculous 50 note selection limits. If you compare the function of Legacy and EN10, I think you will find it much smaller. I have little doubt about this. EN10 may look pretty, but the beauty is more than skin deep. Functionality is more important. It is only two years of development. Perhaps, they just need a few years more. 🙂
  9. Many have moved on and left Evernote. It was a good product and it was destroyed. Only the Evernote Legacy holds me there. A refuse to pay for this limited functional product. I have a decade of notes in it and is serves as an archive. I use other things now. If Evernote should go bust we know why.
  10. Same here - a static database. It has no workflows attached to it any more. It is a curious case study. Will Evernote survive? In what form? They are not selling socks any more. Legacy still works better than anything and its features are over two years old. 🙂 PS This discussion started with Evernote 10 not working in a browser for me. It works again now (and no I am still in the locked out period - "Your monthly limit resets in 3 days"). I did not change anything on my set-up. (Regular updates of the OS was about it.) Evernote 10 comes and goes, it is in continual movement.
  11. If you are refering to value for money proposition, then you are correct. Anything divided by $0 gives you big numbers. On the other hand, if the comparison is in absolute terms - features, upload, in fact most things - the new free plan offers less than the old free plan. I think this is easily demonstrated. In this sense, it is a retrograde development. Again the savour is Legacy. It was always good. The recent and that from last October is so similar that nobody is going to notice. The advantage of the free plan is that you get to use Legacy on a si
  12. I agree. The free version is more restrictive than the old one. The Evernote 10 experience has been in many ways a retrograde one.
  13. Confirmed. Works in Chrome but not Edge - both Chromium. Strange but works.
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