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  1. Same here - a static database. It has no workflows attached to it any more. It is a curious case study. Will Evernote survive? In what form? They are not selling socks any more. Legacy still works better than anything and its features are over two years old. 🙂 PS This discussion started with Evernote 10 not working in a browser for me. It works again now (and no I am still in the locked out period - "Your monthly limit resets in 3 days"). I did not change anything on my set-up. (Regular updates of the OS was about it.) Evernote 10 comes and goes, it is in continual movement.
  2. If you are refering to value for money proposition, then you are correct. Anything divided by $0 gives you big numbers. On the other hand, if the comparison is in absolute terms - features, upload, in fact most things - the new free plan offers less than the old free plan. I think this is easily demonstrated. In this sense, it is a retrograde development. Again the savour is Legacy. It was always good. The recent and that from last October is so similar that nobody is going to notice. The advantage of the free plan is that you get to use Legacy on a si
  3. I agree. The free version is more restrictive than the old one. The Evernote 10 experience has been in many ways a retrograde one.
  4. Confirmed. Works in Chrome but not Edge - both Chromium. Strange but works.
  5. Yes, try to log in with a browser (Chromium), and you get a blank white screen. The app download of Evernote 10 in the tab never takes place. No error message appears in the browser, just a blank screen. It would be helpful to have on the splash screen to indicate that the limit has been reached and a prompt to change to the Premium offer, but it does not do this. I would not take Premium at this stage but if it is not offered, people are unlikely to think to buy it. The current set up simply disables E10 in a browser. I found this interesting and a little surprising. As previously stated
  6. Thanks for your comment. Because Legacy works locally, it works independently of the upload restrictions. The Legacy product is popular with many people because of its functionality. I would argue that although Evernote 10 is new, Legacy is the better option for people who only want to work locally, and cannot afford, or do want to pay, for a plan. Legacy is therefore not just the bridge between old and new products (until Evernote 10 catches up) but rather an alternate product for those that work on ONE PC only. The design is not modern but stable, but it makes Legacy an interesting opti
  7. I downgraded to the free plan. I have been testing Evernote 10 (browser) by clipping things to it. Nothing, critical though for my work. I was aware that there was a data upload limit on the free plan and this applies to the Evernote Clipper too. Interestingly, when you hit the limit after two warnings (50 than 95%), Evernote is locked. The problem is not that you cannot add new notes but rather you lose access to Evernote for the rest of the month. I find this rather surprising. It is another good reason to use Legacy as your notes, once downloaded, can be blocked. Unloa
  8. Unfortunately, unlike for YouTube links, there is currently no preview of what is in the Google Drive file. What will iFrame style link be introduced that allows one to see the contents of the linked file on Google Drive without opening it. Notion can do this. Thank you
  9. Here is an example of how rapidly some apps and possible substitutes for Evernote note are developing. 🙂 Here is one release: RemNote | Updates Confident developers offer road maps. There is a sense of "we know were we are going." Product Hunt - new product information Not surprisingly, dedicated website are popping up to discuss new and upcoming apps. Here is one: Product Hunt – The best new products in tech. Quote: Product Hunt Launch! Product Hunt is a social platform for startups and creators to showcase their products to the world for exposure and fe
  10. Coming are many new apps that require no local storage or installation but they are not without weaknesses. Evernote has for the last months promised much but delivered little. Promises can mean little. What do the new world apps have to offer? Here is an analysis capture in stand formatting with RemNote. The post is, in itself, an experiment. https://www.remnote.io/a/-new-apps-for-old/5febbc61b502740036b184b7
  11. I would agree that life is much easier if the keyboard shortcuts were standardised within the ecosystem. It was therefore a surprise to find that each app developer has gone their own way. I refer here to Notion and more specifically Obsidian, Roam Research and RemNote. Notion is most flexible with mouse, typed commands (following a /) and keyboard shortcuts. RemNote offers these three to but the mouse support is limited. Roam Research is the worst with many undocumented keyboard shortcuts and changes. Welcome to the world of permeant beta. What is lacking is consistency between apps. Us
  12. With browser apps, keyboard shortcuts are an alternative the reliance on the mouse and menus. Forum discussion of Ian Small's plans for Evernote would suggest that many lost features will not be coming back. Evernote 10 does not adequately support keyboard shortcuts but this should change. Would Evernote 10 be usable with good keyboard shortcuts? RemNote suggests it might be. Learning keyboard shortcuts requires you to learn arbitrary associations. Approached a specific way, learning 65 shortcuts over a week and required 30 minutes a day. What is RemNote? RemNote is a note taki
  13. Historically before the introduction of graphical user interfaces driven with a mouse, keyboard shortcuts were popular. The mouse has proven so persuasive that for many keyboard shortcuts have not played much of a role. But that was before Electron. Electron has come to dominate SaaS apps. Electron has poor mouse support compared to native desktop apps. Apps are run from browser tabs and a data connection a must. The priority on smartphones and tablets puts keyboards second. The mouse support of apps is more limited and selection of multiple paragraphs or multiple notes with a mouse canno
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