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  1. If you choose a superior tag from the tag list, we would expect Evernote to find notes with the superior tag and those tags below it. On the hierarchy tree, there are branches with tags found on only that branch and no other. Branches which have only have the parent tag in common. Evernote Legacy shows this as "matched anything of the following, tagged with" and then list of tags from the tree. This is an OR function. Evernote 10 (browser) takes the superior tag makes a long list of tags and then ANDs them altogether. Predictably, there is nothing found. Does anybody a plausible idea
  2. Thanks for your posts today. Just one more for me... The demise of the Evernote UI means that I do not use the UI but that does not mean that I do not use Evernote. Instead, I use automation. APIs make it possible and clever websites that use the APIs. Here are some examples. In all cases, the data funnels to Evernote, Notion and Roam (beta). browser research and highlights with Instapaper via Readwise book research and highlights with Kindle via Readwise email forwarding from multiple emails accounts via Filterize Filterize automates tidying up Evernote. Here is wha
  3. TLDR or tldr, TL;DR, tl;dr too long; didn’t read: used in response to an online post, text message, article, etc., that is thought to be too lengthy, and usually taken as a rude comment, or used by the writer before a summary of lengthy text. No it is not really, but just not targeted at you. 🙂
  4. One of the problems of both Evernote and Notion is that the data is essential unstructured. Unstructured data is not very useful but that is the way we discover information. One of the reasons for a note taking app is to create structure in that chaos. Evernote and Notion do not provide or suggest structures and workflows. It requires us to think out our own. This makes Evernote and Notion very flexible but requires the user in awe before a mountain of data. Many people need help make headway and Evernote and Notion do not provide that help. Reading more widely requires only search
  5. Yes, I have read of Java scripts used in a browser too for copy / pasting things. In the SaaS world, the cost of using multiple apps quickly mount up - from hundreds to thousands of dollars per annum. In the COVID cost cutting measure I reduce my annual subscription costs by 30% but still spend too much. It is not only about what is possible but what one can afford.
  6. Languages feature groups of words with the same or similar meanings. The same word may have commonly two different spellings. Spellings between countries may vary even between countries that speak the same language. Even in those countries that speak the same language the word usage may vary between countries, within the country and even depending on the social background of the group within that country. Finally, we are all human and mostly in a hurry to get thing it finished so that written text will have errors which could be corrected but are not because we do not have time, interest or ha
  7. We have different preferences but some integrations may serve many. Readwise will copy highlights and notes from over a dozen different apps and synchronise the content with Evernote, Notion and Roam that preference architects, librarians and gardeners respectively (Anne-Laure Le Cunff model). Some of us have more than one preferences. Evernote is a magnificent bucket but the current UI does not enable efficient use. Is there another way to do it? Filterize may be familiar to some allows the structuring and labelling of notes in Evernote to be automated. If you are the architect or
  8. Thanks. Yes, I have read a bit about Chromium but did not appreciate this connection. Makes sense.
  9. From reading the Evernote forum it is apparent that people use Evernote in very different ways. While it is true that each has their own way of doing things are preferences seem to have a lot to do with our personality. Anne-Laure Le Cunff captures this idea in her article. How to Choose the Right Note-Taking App by nesslabs.com - https://nesslabs.com/how-to-choose-the-right-note-taking-app Anne-Laure Le Cunff considers three types of note takers: architects, gardeners and librarians. This is what she means by this. "The architect. They enjoy planning, designing processes and
  10. Note taking apps all have their strengths and weaknesses which is good as everybody can find something but nobody will find the perfect app. We settle rather for the best fit. There is no reason accept the deficits of an app when it has in API. An API opens the door for the enterprising to create functionality to compliment that of the app. Many have done this and provide the function to others as apps in their own right. Imagine workflow where you are a researching from many different sources. This may be for a client, academic work or as a student. The reading volume is very larg
  11. Apple Silicon is coming and the apps will use Electron. Better hardware and slower software. It may seem a strange choice. In the modern world teams and distribution channels are more important than local data. "software-based companies are focused on serving as large of a market as possible, the better to leverage their investments in creating the software in the first place. " Here is an article of interest. Apple’s Shifting Differentiation by Ben Thompson - 11 November 2020 https://stratechery.com/2020/apples-shifting-differentiation/ Highlights below:
  12. Merits of tagging There are different ways to organise notes but the best for me have always been tags. Tags are links to thoughts I have in my head. It connects my brain with my second brain built on a note taking app. I have always found that simple keyword searches generate a rather random result. Notebooks I have found laborious. Why not tags? But tags in recent years may have fallen into disrepute. Tiago Forte was of the opinion that tagging is a waste of time - see the article "Tagging is broken" (11 February 2015). https://fortelabs.co/blog/tagging-is-broken/ Readw
  13. Using note taking software as an external brain. Where our brain falls short Efficient workflows for gathering and synthesising information are important for information workers. Our memory is less than perfect. Here is one approach outlined by Readwise in three blog posts. Quotes: Integrate might also mean enhanced creativity resulting from the serendipitous juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated ideas. Creativity is notoriously hard to pin down, but some have suggested that it is nothing more than making connections that no one else has noticed. As they say, "You don’t hav
  14. We are not comparing Evernote 10 to the black plague (ie the end of the world) but rather we are comparing Evernote 10 to other note taking apps. Evernote is not competitive to other possibilities available in the market currently. I think it unattractive for new users. Those that have a workflow built on on Evernote and a history working with it may put up with Legacy for now in the hope that Evernote 10 gets better, but at a price. We could also narrow the comparison to not taking apps free plans. With Evernotes symbolic upload limit of 60MB, the free plan is as good as useless. C
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