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Sync - red exclamation mark

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Anyone know what to do with a red exclamation mark on the Sync button.

This is legacy version - I will cannot use the terrible new version.

I noticed the notes were not syncing yesterday, which is not normal.

I deleted the note and made a new one but now there's a warning sign.




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Thanks but nothing works

This is the 3rd time this has happened. The Windows app will suddenly stop working. 
I've tried reinstalling, deleting notes, making new notes - nothing works.

I CANNOT use the new app, which has terrible design. Full of annoying garbage at the top I cannot get rid of. I do not want Formatting or Share etc.

Yesterday the Windows app suddenly stopped syncing, after working for 1 year.


Any other ideas?



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I have contacted them. 

The last time I did this I think I had to close my account. But I've paid for this one - is it possible to transfer my subscription to a new account?



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If yes, it can be done through support. When purchased through Apple or Google, they can‘t.

If if chokes on a note, you could compare the web and the local data base. If there is one local from the time when the trouble started that is not on the web, maybe you have the culprit. Delete it, purge it from the trash and try again.

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Tried deleting, reinstalling, CTl clicking on Exclamation point - nothing works

Emptied the Trash also.

Is there a cashe somewhere I can delete that might be causing this on the one PC?

It just suddenly decided to stop working


Any other suggestions?



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To force a full uninstall, you can use something like the Revo uninstaller. After purging the EN client, restart the computer.

Since EN legacy is a native client, AFAIK no caches. By uninstalling the local data base as well, you will loose all unsynced content. Maybe running a backup (just in case) is not a bad idea.

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You can use another program to force a complete uninstall (see above). This makes sure there is nothing left of EN in a dark corner of your PC.

If you have local notebooks, they will be deleted as well. If you have unsynced content that is not on the server yet, it will be lost.

So if you are not sure, better run a backup before purging EN.

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How can it not sync when all data has come from the server ? I assume here you reinstalled the app and generated the local database by syncing from the server.

Maybe there is an external reason, like security software that is blocking the EN app.

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5 hours ago, t87699 said:

Did not work,  did the complete uninstall.
Any  other ideas?



Did you try pressing Ctrl while clicking on the sync icon?

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