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Is there a way to insure that Evernote saves a copy of the note I'm working on?

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I've had situations where a note gets messed up, so I want to go back to a prior version of the note. When I go to View History, there is no prior version -- in some cases when there ought to be history from yesterday or the day before. So I've been unable to determine what makes Evernote decide that it wants to keep a note's history.

What I'd like to know are the keystrokes to make Evernote decide to make a copy of the note I'm working on. For complex notes, I don't mind doing this every hour or so.


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Note history does save versions, but probably not every version. There may be gaps where a version was synced, but not saved to note history.

To add a sync button again to the v10 Client is one of the most popular threads here in the forum.

Meanwhile you can install and use legacy - it has the „classical“ sync button, and allows to create a forced sync as well.

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If I'm going to carry out a worrying edit I'll usually duplicate the existing note before I start,  and (maybe) again after a while,  or if I take a break;  or I'll copy the content into an external word processor and alter it there...

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On 1/24/2021 at 1:34 PM, TdeV said:

I think that I was surprised that SYNC did not create a saved version of a note in Note History.

In the older version of Windows desktop I never have seen a trend as to when the history version is taken.  Sometimes it is every time you change the note and sometimes not.  Clueless as to why or how. 

As an example I just created a note and modified it twice.  Each instance, new and the two modified versions have a history entry.  Don't think it always works this way though.  Would be interesting if I come back tomorrow if all three will still be there (I'll add a reminder just for giggles).  Weird on a good day. 

Clueless as to how it works in the new version as I am sticking with 625.1 for the foreseeable future.  My reco would be sync and then check history to see what you have if it is critical.


EDIT:  Added a third line and no history added for that one.  So there you go.

EDIT a day later:  The three history entries were still there.  Modified the note and got a fourth entry right away.  Only conclusion I can draw from this is that there may be specific times that history is created post a change coupled with some taken right after the change.  But no guarantees of right after the change.

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I've finally moved to a new Win 10 box (5 machines later!). My history of this problem occurred on the Win 7 box.

I'll let you know if it recurs. Thanks for the quick responses.

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