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With the new editor there is always a format selected for text content, be it a header (1/2/3) or normal text, which has properties as well.

The closest to a text with no properties is when you go to the blue +insert button on the very left above the soft keyboard,  and choose codeblock from the available options. This inserts a text box with monospaced setting and no available formatting options, except of indenting a line.

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No idea. EN is based on a HTML dialect, so probably it does feel well with embedded HTML.

I would probably try to switch the web site to reader mode before clipping. There are web sites with a good reader mode look, and others are awful or disfunctional. Another option would be to „print to pdf“, and share this into EN instead of clipping it directly. 

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Saving from web pages ends up with lots of extraneous text etc on the page. What happened to the choice to "Simplify Formatting?"

I use this option all the time, and Evernote is useless without it. How do we do this in the newest iOS version of Evernot?

The removal of this option may spell the end of my subscription to this app.

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I concur with all of the users comments regarding “Simplify formatting” and “Plain text formatting”. This is a critical feature for me to continue to use EN. It boggles the mind that those in charge of the App redesign would decide to chop such a useful feature. I hope someone on this forum can tell me that what I’ve read is incorrect and this feature remains, but is excessively disguised.

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On 11/2/2020 at 3:42 PM, Jaya Shekarraju said:

@CharlesE Thank you for being a long time user. We have removing formatting functionality available in the formatting bar. Please let me know if this solves your use case. 



This button doesn't work for me. I used Simplify Formatting on almost every note I grabbed from a web site, and Convert to Plain text when that didn't work. I want to turn web sites into something I can quickly reference without any extra images or text. 

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I’ve found an option to simply formatting, but where’s is the option to “make plain text?” Finding the simplify only formatting to format wonky. Also, the solution above by Jaya, that option is grayed out. Thought it might be because I didn’t have all text selected, but when I do select all text, Evernote freezes on bringing up that edit window. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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With respect, we really shouldn’t have to beg for a feature to be reinstated that we’ve used for years, but here goes:

Please, please, please give us back this essential feature. Like other paying users here, I used the ‘Convert to plain text’ option on pretty much every note I saved in Evernote.

Now I have to use a third party app to format my notes before importing them. This is an unacceptable change to my workflow and, unless the feature is reinstated, I will be ending my subscription because of it.

I’ll wait for a month, but if the feature is not back, I’ll be leaving a review in the App Store to ensure new users that are considering adopting Evernote are aware of your approach to updates: i.e. that the developers may remove essential features with no notice.

I would encourage other loyal users that have been disadvantaged to take the same approach.

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Evernote is pretty much ruined. I use it daily, on several different iOS devices, and what made it so great is long gone. Web pages saved to Evernote are impossible to use because of all the extra stuff that shows in the note. Simplify formatting used to clean that up in one step. Now it takes many repeated steps on the same note to clean it up, and it isn't ever completely fixed.

'The app doesn't always launch correctly. Notes are duplicated for no reason. Notes come up blank. The app locks up, and so on. 

The app is almost worthless now. And no one running the ship seems to care.

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@JonnyConny You answer to a thread where 7 months ago the last post was dropped. We were on EN iOS 10.3 or maybe 10.4 back then. I would understand your post if you were still on 10.3.

If you are on 10.14 (as you are if properly updating your app) I challenge you from user to user to tell what problems you have. Let us stick with the iOS client, since you are posting in a thread about the new iOS client.

  • Which essential feature was removed ? Just name it, and we will see ! Hint: I know at least one, but I won’t tell. Too polite for this, after you, yes please …
  • And what about features that were added without any additional charge ? There are plenty - able to name any of them ? I am prepared to help you out, after a demonstration of ignorance of course. If you know them, you don’t need the assistance anyhow.

And forget about your staff bashing: I am just another user, paying my subscription as everybody does, not related to EN except I am using their product. But as they say: When you go to the kitchen, you must be prepared to take some heat.

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