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  1. So, now "Search" doesn't work at all? Using iOS version of Evernote 10.4, iOS 14.4 It just spins and spins and no results are given. Evernote has become more and more worthless. So very frustrating.
  2. Evernote is pretty much ruined. I use it daily, on several different iOS devices, and what made it so great is long gone. Web pages saved to Evernote are impossible to use because of all the extra stuff that shows in the note. Simplify formatting used to clean that up in one step. Now it takes many repeated steps on the same note to clean it up, and it isn't ever completely fixed. 'The app doesn't always launch correctly. Notes are duplicated for no reason. Notes come up blank. The app locks up, and so on. The app is almost worthless now. And no one running the ship seems to care.
  3. Saving from web pages ends up with lots of extraneous text etc on the page. What happened to the choice to "Simplify Formatting?" I use this option all the time, and Evernote is useless without it. How do we do this in the newest iOS version of Evernot? The removal of this option may spell the end of my subscription to this app.
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