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  1. Somehow the image must be stored in the note meta data.
  2. I tried that but it didn’t work. It was still the unexplsinedcimage when I deleted all content before I copied the content back again.
  3. As we would expect, this solves the image problem, but I lose the meta data such as URL it came from, date of creation etc.
  4. Sorry, I deleted and reinstalled the Evernote application. I’m also sorry if I wasn’t clear in what I said. The photo in the preview image is what appears to be some random image which isn’t in the note. There is only one image in the note body. I’ve looked at the web version and there is still only the one image and if I click at photo gallery in the image in the web note, it only shows one image. I’ve attached a screenshot. The main note image is the one I expect in the preview note, not the strange woman’s image.
  5. The preview image on my iPad is wrong. However, I can’t see it in the note body to delete it and it’s not in the image gallery for the note in the web version. I have deleted and reinstalled it on the iPad but it hasn’t made any difference. Where is the image being displayed stored?
  6. Thanks, but I have tried that. I've turned it off and on and stopped and restarted the application.
  7. I'm getting a large ad on the right pane under my note, seemingly context based on my note contents. I have a premium subscription. How do I get rid f it. It's very off-putting coming right under my note. It's not visible on the website.
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