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GIF files broken



Hoping someone has an answer for this, I have multiple GIF files that I moved to Evernote for ease of storage and sharing (as many are work related projects) which was fine up until a few months ago. The GIF's display correctly and animate in Evernote (Mac and iOS) until you open the note, then they are no longer animated. If I try to save the file back to my computer or device, or share it in any way, it also is no longer animated. It does save as a .gif but Evernote has done something to break the file where it will only play in Evernote in the note preview (not if you fully open the note). After much back and forth with Evernote Support, they admitted it was a known bug but they have no plans on addressing. So right now I am paying them to break files and I can't even export/re-save my current files to my computer because of this.

Has anyone found a way to retrieve their .gif files from Evernote Mac/iOS since Evernote has admitted they have no intention of fixing the issue? I would really like to have my files back that I entrusted to the software.

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2 hours ago, JMBTX said:

Has anyone found a way to retrieve their .gif files from Evernote Mac/iOS

Try      File > Save Attachments539885716_ScreenShot2020-09-07at3_14_27PM.png.c4512a416fcd3683a35d6fadaf457252.png

>>The GIF's display correctly and animate in Evernote (Mac and iOS) until you open the note, then they are no longer animated.

Animated GIFs are working for me

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Usually EN does not change an attachment. So for me it is sort of hard to understand how the animation was taken away from the GIF (it should be embedded) and moved over to the EN part of the note, because you say it still displays correctly when opened inside of EN, in its native note.

No doubt about your issue - I just made a quick forum search, including a few years backwards and did not find a single thread about broken animations on GIFs stored in EN. It seems to be not frequent, either because few people store GIFs in EN (which I doubt because there are threads about that) or because maybe your use case is sort of special. Did support tell under which circumstances a GIF animation may break ?


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That's what is odd @PinkElephant the file has not changed, the extension is still .gif, it actually still "plays" in the sidepane preview on Mac or the note preview in iOS but if you open the note, the animation stopsand then if you export/save/copy the file and move it outside of Evernote it is still a .gif extension but only shows as a static image. I honestly can't say when I notices this happen but maybe 3-4 months ago? EN support didn't give any details on  the issue other than it was a "known issue but will not be addressed at this time" (and even that took 3 contacts of support telling me it was not happening before being escalated). I was just hoping someone found else had run into it and found a workaround so these files aren't lost before my Premium expires (I'm not renewing, too many bugs have been happening the past 12+ months) and I move out of EN.

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@Dave-in-Decatur Hadn't thought of that but I just tried it. Almost the same thing, shows working in the preview but if I "open note in new window" the note is completely blank but if I open it in "image gallery" I can download it and it works! I guess I will have to do that for all these files to save them. Although this is now the fourth or fifth issue at least that the answer has been "use the web version" which is usually pretty inconvenient and makes me wonder why they even bother with a Mac or iOS app if the features aren't working and you have to loop back to a web page. Thanks for the suggestion and helping me get these rescued!

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