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  1. @Dave-in-Decatur Hadn't thought of that but I just tried it. Almost the same thing, shows working in the preview but if I "open note in new window" the note is completely blank but if I open it in "image gallery" I can download it and it works! I guess I will have to do that for all these files to save them. Although this is now the fourth or fifth issue at least that the answer has been "use the web version" which is usually pretty inconvenient and makes me wonder why they even bother with a Mac or iOS app if the features aren't working and you have to loop back to a web page. Thanks for the suggestion and helping me get these rescued!
  2. That's what is odd @PinkElephant the file has not changed, the extension is still .gif, it actually still "plays" in the sidepane preview on Mac or the note preview in iOS but if you open the note, the animation stopsand then if you export/save/copy the file and move it outside of Evernote it is still a .gif extension but only shows as a static image. I honestly can't say when I notices this happen but maybe 3-4 months ago? EN support didn't give any details on the issue other than it was a "known issue but will not be addressed at this time" (and even that took 3 contacts of support telling me it was not happening before being escalated). I was just hoping someone found else had run into it and found a workaround so these files aren't lost before my Premium expires (I'm not renewing, too many bugs have been happening the past 12+ months) and I move out of EN.
  3. Hoping someone has an answer for this, I have multiple GIF files that I moved to Evernote for ease of storage and sharing (as many are work related projects) which was fine up until a few months ago. The GIF's display correctly and animate in Evernote (Mac and iOS) until you open the note, then they are no longer animated. If I try to save the file back to my computer or device, or share it in any way, it also is no longer animated. It does save as a .gif but Evernote has done something to break the file where it will only play in Evernote in the note preview (not if you fully open the note). After much back and forth with Evernote Support, they admitted it was a known bug but they have no plans on addressing. So right now I am paying them to break files and I can't even export/re-save my current files to my computer because of this. Has anyone found a way to retrieve their .gif files from Evernote Mac/iOS since Evernote has admitted they have no intention of fixing the issue? I would really like to have my files back that I entrusted to the software.
  4. Just an update. Evernote Support verified this is an issue and a know bug that is not being addressed in the foreseeable future. My options are to continue to delete the notes repeatedly or log in to the Evernote Web service after syncing the Mac app but before opening any iOS apps to ensure the notes are not restored after deletion.
  5. Yes, I sync after I am done every session, that is what causes the issue. I sync after emptying the trash and then logging out but when I log in to another device and it automatically syncs for the latest update, permanently deleted notes re-appear. I delete them, again, from that device but then they remain on any other device no matter how many times I re-sync. I have to then delete them again from each device.
  6. I appreciate the follow up but isn't having to log on to the web version to check if the note has actually be deleted just as redundant as deleting it individually again from each device, iOS or Mac OS? Just like having to check and sync each device before deleting a note from one? This issues happens every single time I delete a note or notes and between three different devices.
  7. The short version is I finish with a note, delete it, empty the trash and sync from my Mac the notes are gone, all is good. I open the app on another device and the previously permanently deleted notes now reappear. Even worse when I delete them from that device (and empty the trash) and re-sync, the notes don't delete from the other devices so I have to repeat the steps on three devices. I now am deleting the same note at least three times and considering anywhere between 3-15 felted notes restore each session I am spending more time deleting notes over and over than any other function on Evernote. I have reported this forever six months with either the response "we need a screen recording of this happening", although I am not sure how to record notes being restored on multiple devices to "we are working on new features and can't address bugs right now". So they have given up on basic functionality?
  8. Evernote is dying. Attested to by the fact that even with a years notice they couldn't be bothered to update the web clipper to function within Safari after it's update. Why would we think they would ever address a feature request? You can say it's only due to 64 upvotes, but look how long this has been open and asked for. We all know it's not a huge development change. Then again, they will no longer even address bugs that you report. I've had the same three major and functional bugs for at least 10 months, Evernote just passes you back and forth from their "advisors" who make you repeat the problem and repeat the process of proving it until you give up. Yes, Evernote is dying due to it's own giving up and slowly falling behind.
  9. Stating that this is due to Apple and the removal of 32bit applications and extensions is not a valid answer. Apple announced and warned consumers almost a year ago that this would be coming in the new updates. I would assume if a basic Apple owner knew this, developers such as Evernote with approved extensions, were told as well back then and had plenty of time to work on an update of their own. Instead users are told don't update your native software, use another browser (even if that isn't functional for your work or other devices) and just hope the Evernote developers fix the issue. As of now I am paying Evernote to be a Premium user and have resorted to saving links on my OS notepad. This has become a repeating problem with Evernote, more and more bugs (and even requests) that when reported go ignored and unaddressed.
  10. @Greggles This has been requested for years and is always something they aren't currently working on. As many bugs that have impacted the app in recent releases that go unaddressed and build up, I doubt new (and functional) features are never going be implemented. After 7 years as a user I am just waiting for my premium account to expire so I can move on.
  11. I am having the same issue. 3 out 5 pages usually won't clip, just the spinning circle in the middle of the page. I've un-installed and re-installed web clipper, reloaded pages, tried everything and for months this keeps happening. I can use the "share" option in Safari to send the link to Evernote (which then gives me a warning I should really download web clipper, that's a nice insult since I have it but it doesn't work) but I can't clip many pages now. Evernote in general has been filled with so many bugs recently that never seem to be addressed, I doubt I'll renew my subscription after being a member for more than 5 years.
  12. Yes, on the Mac platform. If I collapse my favorites I lose quick access to the favorite folders I have sent and use often. I shouldn't really have to choose between the two as it's my sidebar should be allowed to choose what I want as a shortcut and what I designate as a favorite. Recent Notes doesn't seem to be a crucial function that needs to be forced into the users sidebar.
  13. After the most recent update, the sidebar now contains "Recent Notes", can an option be included for a preference to remove this from the side bar if the user wishes? I edit dozens of notes in a session and now my side bar is cluttered with these notes in the middle of my favorites and notebook lists. It's unneeded and overly complicates and clutters the sidebar with dozen of notes.
  14. It's painfully frustrating that Evernote cannot find a developer who could spend a week to create the option allowing users (especially paying) to have the app open to a specified note or notebook instead of the jumble of "all notes", I see this thread has been open for two years. I've started to notice many bugs and UI issues that make me wonder if Evernote has any concern for the end user and real world functionality of their product anymore.
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