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  1. I have the dot, clicked it many times and it takes me to the calendar settings (which don't allow me to change anything). I have no calendars connected and never plan to, I guess it's there hoping to nag me into connecting? It'd be even better if I wasn't forced to have the calendar tab in my sidebar.
  2. I have never used the calendar and now it's in my side bar with an annoying purple notification dot, assuming it means I have something due or to review but clicking it only takes me to calendar preferences, none of which I am allowed to uncheck. I'm assuming it is there to annoy me into connecting my calendars, but I never will. It would be great to be able to customize your own sidebar.
  3. Much like the other errors on their programs, there is no scroll bar on the drop down, as would indicate to do so, but like others on your many many posts have pointed out your condescending tone is so appreciated. Not everyone can spend their life making 23k posts about Evernote. Another reason this is so terrible, the attitude of people like you on a help board, it's worse than X. If you have all this knowledge, try being polite.
  4. I'm not sure you read my post fully before replying. As I stated the login issue happens every single time I try to clip, even if I had logged in moments ago and clipped another page and the blue "log in" notification never goes away suggesting web clipper is signed out consistently. And if it is signed out and making me sign in why is it connecting to my desktop or web app as logged in and pulling in suggestions/related notes from my account in web searches (despite that being turned off in web clipper)? Also as mentioned, there is no support to contact about issues any longer. Any link to Support now takes you to the "Submit a request" page which only offers three selections "Evernote Teams - Accounts and Billing", "Account Management" (and the sub selection under that is only to cancel), or "Billing Issues".
  5. Since the last Web Clipper update my web clipper always shows not logged in (blue dot) and any time I go to use it, it then opens a new tab, makes me sign in and then takes me to a random open tab rather than the one I was trying to clip. Once back on the original tab I can clip but the process starts all over if I want to clip a different page. More frustrating than that is every time I make a search on the web, web clipper brings up "similar results in personal notes" in the side bar. This option is completely turned off (never has ever been enabled in the first place) yet continues to connect my searches to Evernote, even though the clipper is always signed out when I try to clip. It's not only annoying but invasive as I do not want my personal and private notes appearing on my searches. There is no longer any technical support as the support links only go to billing and account deactivation, which they seem to be encouraging at this point, so there is no way to get help other than ask a forum of users despite what they are charging premium members these days.
  6. I don't drag and drop since I don't have the two notes open simultaneously usually, it's always been a quick note image I added and going back later to include it in the associated note by copying it and then finding the relevant note to paste within where I would like it inserted. Now it only allows to be inserted in the end or rebuild a note of 20+ images one by one just to add the new one in the correct order.
  7. Web Clipper always now shows as signed out (blue dot) and whenever I click to clip it goes through signing in, another bug, so that isn't it. I did just try uninstall and reinstall and no change, Web Clipper is still accessing my searches and adding a panel for "related notes" (that actually are not related). How can I contact support? The support links I have tried only offer billing support now, nothing for technical.
  8. Since the latest update I can no longer paste a picture or graphic correctly into an existing note from another note. After copying the image from one note, I go into another to paste it, click in the space between two existing notes and hit enter to create space, nope, Evernote then jumps your selection to the very bottom of the page. I constantly need to add new photos/grahpics from other notes into existing notes but need them in a certain order for continuity. This never used to be an issue but now I can only paste them at the bottom of a note or create a brand new one and re-copy every single image over just to get the images in the order I want with a new one.
  9. Ever since the latest update to Web Clipper now invades my web searches with the "related Notes" pop up card on all searches. I have never had this annoying feature enabled with Web Clipper and in settings it shows to be off, but Evernote is still accessing my web searches via Web Clipper and adding my notes to web searches.
  10. Recently I am getting almost daily push notifications from Evernote about "tips", "updates", and "marketing messages". Even though I am a paid subscriber Evernotes reply was "We are really excited about all of the new features and wanted to make sure all of our customers were introduced to them" and I can turn off push notifications to stop those alerts but then I no longer will get actual reminders I have set. My choices are get my notifications and get spammed with marketing messages ornate get my set notifications? So much for "premium".
  11. Same issue. Whenever I try to use Web Clipper on an Amazon page (Safari 14.1.1 on Big Sur 11.4) it just sticks on "loading" and spinning. I try the "share" shortcut in the toolbar to add to Evernote or right clicking and selecting one of the Evernote options (full page, bookmark, screenshot) and still nothing. Right now I either just add it to my native notepad or copy the address and paste it into Evernote after going in a creating a new note. Either way it is not a convenient option. I have uninstalled and reinstalled web clipper but no change. It works fin on every other website though, odd since EN even has an "Amazon" choice in the clipping menu.
  12. 100% agree this needs to be a user option, I don't need "tags" or "work chat" in my sidebar and I should be able to choose what I have set up.
  13. Thanks @DTLow I've rolled back! We'll see what happens first, Evernote actually gives users their preferences back or my premium subscription come sup for renewal.
  14. I appreciate the insights but having to build another processes/API or go through IFTTT really defeats the a lot of the purpose and simplicity of working with Evernote (and paying for it). Seems like the removed a lot of the preferences and settings in this update without fixing many of the bugs. Sorry for being dense, but how would I rollback to the older version?
  15. @John in Michigan USABasically I have files/photo/etc in folders or on the desktop that I need to quickly throw into EN (Mac OS), normally I would drag and drop and go on. Now it opens EN then opens the note it created. Kills the productivity. I'd love to hear you ideas!
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