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26 minutes ago, shmuel said:

the lack of footnotes is rendering evernote unusable

On the Mac, you can right click on the pdf or word attachment and select view inline








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25 minutes ago, shmuel said:

i cant look at my old papers in their intended form

You've posted the request, and it's available for voting.

I'm interested in the format you're using for your old papers, and their "intended form"  

I use Word/Pages for my serious documents, which allows for footnotes. These are attachment to Notes, with the note being a brief summary of the contents

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On 2017-03-23 at 9:17 AM, Unkasmohawk said:

I'm growing fond of academic writing in Evernote. Is there any way to create footnotes?

Not an Evernote feature.

Personally, for any serious writing, I switch to a dedicated word processing app.
I store the document as an attachment to a note - Evernote works well with Office/iWork files

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sorry for the delayed response. the intended form is with the footnotes. i write and read many academic papers and the lack of footnotes is rendering evernote unusable. i am a premium (or wtvr the highest is) member w over 3000 notes.

i would really appreciate if evernote just added a feature that allowed footnotes. i use google docs and word but neither of them allow me to retain the footnotes in evernote. what worse, even when i save something as a pdf from google docs the footnotes are not shown in evernote. PLEEAAASSSEEE!!! 

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1 hour ago, shmuel said:

it still comes up w/o the footnotes


1 hour ago, shmuel said:

i have to open it in its original word to even see the footnotes. 

It's true the word document attachment has limitations

I switch to pdf format when the document is finalized
pdfs are ubiquitous and do a good job of presenting the document

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43 minutes ago, David Knapp said:

footnotes needed for any serious documentation and research.

Evernote's enml/html format is not the proper format for serious documentation and research.

Try MS Word.  Evernote works well with office/iwork documents as attachments.

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Evernote Premium subscriber here. Big fan.


So, hear me out - I know this feature request has come up alot, and I appreciate there must either be a) some major technical hurdle to overcome before Evernote could implement it, or b) More work than would be economically viable for them to engage in. Both responses - although very little response has been meted out on the subject of footnotes, for whatever reason, as if the Evernote guys don't want to touch the idea with a bargepole!  - are perfectly understandable and fair. I even have a current system, and I'm grateful we can do this, at least:

Ctrl+Shift+Up (or in menus, under Format -> Style -> Superscript) to go into this mode and then same key combo/same selection in Menus to back out of Superscript1

Then at the bottom of that particular note:

1 Citation for 1; external link etc



Now, the difficulties with this are obvious: firstly, I have to manually order them, which means if I go back later and decide I could really do with a footnote at the beginning, say, well then it might necessitate amending ever single one to +1 to them. They aren't hyperlinks, obviously, I can't be taken immediately from 1 to its citation, but that's fine. I don't even want to ask for that much as a feature - again, I accept that this may not be easily feasible - all I would like is for auto-updating superscript sequences. Surely this can be brought in? I.e. when I do add in a superscript to the main body of text, the citation "section" at the bottom (and if this requires a separate note of its own to work, I wouldn't mind that, in fact I think being able to globally cite across your notes makes sense and is perhaps preferable) are all automatically bumped up or down a number (as appropriate) as are the superscript numbers in the main body.

Surely a superscript sequencing, that's all I'm asking for, is possible? Come on guys, it's really not that demanding or academic a feature - I think it's good practice even if just to assist yourself in locating sources for what has been quoted or whatever.


Any suggestions for alternatives, because I damn love Evernote and don't want to leave it - does it have an unofficial extension/add on ability?

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15 minutes ago, EvernoteFan26 said:

So, simply requesting a sequencing  for superscript. Is that not something that can be introduced?

I merged similar posts for this feature   
To indicate support for this request, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion    
This request has 11 votes

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I just make a superscript in the main text, where I would like to redirect the reader to an endnote/footnote, and at the bottom make a numbered list of endnotes/footnotes with the endnote's number/footnote's number corresponding to the superscript. 


For example:

Mary had a little lamb1 that followed her to school one day2 and made the other children laugh and play. 


  1. Whose fleece was rumored to be as white as snow. 
  2. Animals weren't allowed inside schools, so the lamb had to wait outside the building while tied to a fence. 


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This feature is typical for scientific or legal writing - EN is not build for this sort of text. It is build to efficiently create notes, not for elaborate writing with references, footnotes, picture and authors remarks and the like.

If you need this, use a writing app that supports it. You can attach the files produced by the writing software to an note.

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Whilst I mostly agree, when I was working on my doctoral thesis I used Evernote to capture ideas and quotes when I was out and about. Like @sgade799 I manually entered the citations using an external citation database manager. At the time I would have found benefit of being able to drop references into a note more automatically but it worked manually.

The citation manager I used had a plug in for Word but we're not interested in developing anything for other applications.

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