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  1. Problem: The Evernote Helper window displays at about 325x400. This presents a very small space for adding even brief notes, especially when working on my large screen monitor. Request: Any one of the following would be extremely helpful in boosting value of this tool: Ability to resize the Evernote Helper window Ability to resize the Evernote Helper window and have Evernote Helper remember the window size Ability to set the size of the Evernote Helper window in the Evernote Helper preferences Thank you, Evernote. BC
  2. Nice job JohnDavis. Just saved me a couple hours with your util. Thank you. Despite your warnings, it worked flawlessly. Thank you.
  3. +1 for footnotes, or even just internal linking. These feature requests have been coming up forever...
  4. Just did the same exact thing ... came to this thread hoping to find a solution. +1 on having a dialog confirming this action.
  5. Any updates on this thread? Plans for adding the ability to do something like: -notebook:Foo Bar ?
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