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Hi.  Evernote has a customizable widget that can show the content of a specific notebook,  and individual notes (in different notebooks) can be accessed direct through home screen shortcuts.  But there's no direct access to the menu of notebooks in the app,  other than to open up to 'all notes' and swipe the left margin and tap.  Can you explain more about why you need this?

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The whole point of using notebooks and stacks is to help you get to a particular but of information. If I fire up Evernote to get the serial number of my range hood, looking for a notebook named Appliances in a list of twenty notebooks is faster and easier than looking for a note that might be under R for range hood, H for hood, or E for exhaust fan in a list of two hundred notes. This is particularly true for notes that I haven't touched in a year or two.

Coming at it from a different angle, if I'm planning a day of shopping it is convenient to see a notebook view of my shopping lists.

I do have home screen shortcuts for certain things, but I like to keep my home screens as uncluttered as possible.

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7 minutes ago, JerrySNB said:

The whole point of using notebooks and stacks is to help you get to a particular but of information.

Actually the Tags feature is the primary tool for this
Evernote uses Notebooks to identify notes as private/shared, sync'd/local, offline, default (Inbox)

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Tags and notebooks have different advantages and are suited for different approaches. You can assign multiple tags to a note, but you cannot create a hierarchy with tags. With notebooks and stacks, you can create a limited hierarchical grouping but you can't directly put a note in multiple notebooks.

Sometimes one is easier to use than the other when you're looking for something.

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2 hours ago, JerrySNB said:

Is there a way to make Evernote show the list of notebooks when you open the app? It always shows the list of notes.

You are not alone. There is a longstanding, well-supported feature request for this. Please add your vote by clicking the upward arrow at the top of the page:


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