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Selecting and deleting text

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Hi, so when I selected more than ~15 characters length of text and delete it, more than what I selected gets deleted (although it seems to sporadically work fine for much longer selections).

As the images attached show, I select "notion of rights, " and when I press delete, "notion of rights, being of an object" gets deleted.

Has anyone else noticed this?



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On 10/22/2022 at 11:54 PM, WhyEverynote said:

I have exactly the same problem 

2 years later on a completely different application...

Can we start over with Device / OS / Evernote version and a complete description of the issue you're experiencing please?

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It is obviously the Android mobile client, and from the time stamp of the initial posting I can tell this for sure:

Either it is a bug in the old version 8, because in April 2020 the new version 10 was yet some months from being released. Then it probably was never fixed, because the new version launched in October 2020, and nobody fixed anything between April and October 2020. And nobody will ever fix it. So one may have „exactly the same problem“, and will have to live with it.

Or who says „I have exactly the same problem“, but being on version 10, does not have „exactly the same problem“, and should start a new thread, beginning with exactly describing the problem he has, and telling which OS, device and EN version he is using.

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