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Clipper working on Youtube?





Youtube changed its layout recently.


Web Clipper is not working with Youtube anymore both on Firefox and on Chrome.


When I select the option to clip from youtube, it opens a smaller blank page.


Is anyone experiencing this trouble?



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it also doesnt work for me. I was wondering if it might be prevented from loading correctly by any script or add blockers. I use a number of those. however after disabling all of them the problem persists

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The clipper doesn't capture any thing. It appears blank.

The 1st attachment shows the screen on Firefox (but the same happens on other browsers).

The 2nd attachment shows the note it creates. Also completely blank, but keeps tags and annotations.

The 3rd attachment shows that this only happens with "youtube" type of capture. It doesn't happen for bookmarks, for instance.

Edit: It was working fine in August, the last time I used. That's I assumed the problem was the new layout of youtube.

Evernote 1.png

Evernote 2.png

Evernote 3.png

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32 minutes ago, Paulosabib said:

Would any one have a suggestion about what should I do or look for?


Hmmn.  Odd.  If you haven't already,  I'd suggest contacting Evernote Support at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - they'll have more experience with multi-browser issues.  You could try clearing the caches on one browser - multiple tries at a web page may mean you wind up looking at the same downloaded version each time.  Also if that doesn't work,  try setting up a new profile - basically resetting all your user options to standard,  and downloading a new version of clipper.

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Not working for me either. New MacBook Air with Catalina and Chrome and Evernote Web Clipper. For the most part, other pages clip fine, but the nice YouTube-centric version that still works just fine on my old MacBook Pro are nowhere to be found.

edit: Not working in Firefox either.

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more problems
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Mine doesn't work either. I am on Google Chrome, it used to work till some days ago.. 
I checked on 2 differnet PC-s and it's dead on both.
the clipper is still working on other websites, but not on Youtube! Which is pretty annoying!
Please help!

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YouTube clipping not working here either. Win 10.

In Firefox 78.0.1, I have Clipper version 7.12.5: it doesn't work at all.

In Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116, I have Clipper version it partly works but takes forever to load.

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Hi there everyone, thanks for mentioning this.

Here are the details about the updates containing the fix for YouTube pages not loading Clipper depending on your browser of choice:

  • If you prefer Chrome or Edge,  the updated version containing the fix is
  • If you prefer Safari, the updated version containing the fix is The version number is different from Chrome and Edge, but functionally the same release.
  • If you prefer Firefox, this is currently still on and does not contain the fix yet. Additional unrelated changes are necessary for Firefox and we're working on getting this updated and released as soon as possible, but no estimate at this time. If you use Firefox and need to clip a YouTube page, while not ideal, please use another browser in the meantime to work around the issue. 

Thank you!

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Hmmn.  Just for information,  there's 'another' clipper out there which you may or may not be willing to use.  You'll need a Google Drive (or Docs) account because this is the Google Drive Clipper which (I think) will do somewhat similar things to Evernote's own... just saving to a Google Doc near you - though given Evernote's Google integration,  that might not be a problem.  Ironically I can't -currently- test it because you must be logged into your browser profile before it will work,  and Brave don't support that.  Firefox might be OK though.  Not saying this is a definite alternate,  but it might be worth a look if you want to stick with Firefox.  Look for a Google Drive Clipper in the Firefox add-in store...

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same problem with firefox. only youtube won't webclip. i loved the new feature that it was saved as a youtube video.

another workaround, of course, is to copy the link>paste in a new ENote>Name the EN.

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