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  1. Why does it need to click the add filter button again ? I have selected the notebook. Searching in a notebook or a notebook stack is more intuitive in the legacy version which is just select a notebook or a stack and then search. No additional click to add filter in between the select and search.
  2. Windows 7 + Firefox 78.0.2 + Web Clipper 7.12.5 Debian bullseye + 78.0.2 + Web Clipper 7.12.5 Neither could save a bookmark of GitLab.com https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org, or my own GitLab instance. It blocks infinitely with a spinning cycle with "Saving your clip...". However, Chrome 84.0.4147.89 + Web Clipper 7.12.8 works in both of Windows 7 and Debian bullseye. BTW, why the version of Web Clipper in Firefox ADD-ONS (7.12.5 updated at 2020/4/14) differs from that in Chrome web store (7.12.8 updated at 2020/7/8) ?
  3. Not working with Firefox 77.0.1 / 78.0 and Chrome 83 / 84
  4. Except the Snippet View, the other views with the Reminder List (Card, Thumbnail) work as well as before. What happens to the Snippet View ? It's VERY VERY VERY annoying.
  5. It happened to me recently with 6.9 general release. In my cases, it seems relative to "Duplicate Note". After duplicating a copy of note A to note B and editing B, somehow the content of A is replaced with that in B !
  6. I have the same problem. After submitting a ticket, the EN support team gives a workaround, and it works for me. FYI. Please try these steps to fix this: Open Evernote for Windows Select File > Sign out… from the menu bar Select Evernote > Options > General > Open Database folder Move the <your account>.exb.context file to your desktop Reopen Evernote Select the X icon displayed beside "Let's start with the basics' Select File > Exit Reopen Evernote Repeat steps 6 and 7 two additional times (a total of three)
  7. Running on Windows 7 Bug: The unfolded "Notebooks" item on the left panel will fold after synchronization every time !
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