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"notebook kingdom"

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Just curious about this phrase I keep seeing, Evernote "notebook kingdom".  Seems an odd way to refer to the notebook list.  I did a forum search and a google search, it seems to be used exclusively during beta discussions (Windows & Mac specifically).  Even the help pages don't seem to use it. 

Which means this might be the first topic outside the beta discussions using it.  :ph34r:

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2 hours ago, DTLow said:

Just a fancy way of saying "notebook list"

Was my guess too.  Whilst we're here,  and bearing in mind that I'm in the Windows / Android world - any ideas how to print off a list of notebooks? 

The 'best' option I came up with so far is to copy and paste the list of notebooks from All Notes / List View into Excel and eliminate duplicates.  I have 46K+ notes...  😒

I'm playing with a new setup which has me over 100 notebooks now,  and I'm running into the classic 'forgetting what I already have' problem I had with tags...

(Apologies for hijacking the thread,  but I didn't think it was going much further...)


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17 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Whilst we're here,  and bearing in mind that I'm in the Windows / Android world - any ideas how to print off a list of notebooks? 

I'm a Mac user, and would use applescript

Here's a Windows solution from @jefito at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/53536-how-to-backing-up-evernote-using-powershell/

# Write out notebook names to a temporary file, one line at a time
$tempfile = "notebooks.txt"
& $ENscript listNotebooks >$tempfile
$reader = [System.IO.File]::OpenText($tempfile)


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<Sigh>  Now I know why my subconscious has been hitting me over the back of my head for an hour with a "this should be easy" stick! 

Looking at the backup suggestions made me remember that I use Backupery regularly to export my various notebooks to ENEX. 

Backupery stores the output files on an external hard drive,  and to an encrypted Cloud server. 

If I open the folder on my hard drive I can see a list of my notebooks as file names.  Using   Karen's Power Tools (sadly,  no longer run by Karen herself) I can print out the folder listing as a text file. 

Thanks for the suggestions folks - now move along please... nothing to see here...  (Doh! :blush:  Need more thinking juice!)

EDIT:  Hmmn.  The Directory Printer has been updated - it gives me the system 'print to Evernote' option that puts a PDF into Evernote for easy reference.  Neat!

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