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How to access earlier version of app?

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I upgraded the Mac app for Evernote when alerted it was available but I am using Sierra and app not compatible. I have been searching but don't find how to download an earlier version. Are they available somewhere?


— Richard 

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Thanks for the guidance. I used the link from CalS and downloaded the previous version of the app. It works fine with my OS but when I open it a message comes up that my data has to work with a new version of the app. So looks like I have lost all my data of the last several years. Bummer!

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43 minutes ago, rpitcairn said:

I open it a message comes up that my data has to work with a new version of the app

One point about downgrading versions, make sure you downgrade all the files, not just the app.

For example there could be problems trying to run version A of the app with version B of the database.

The app AppCleaner is recommended to remove all files and allows a clean install

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1) Except for local notebooks that were not backed up, all your data is still there, on the EN server.

You can check by logging into the web client.

2) It sounds weird to me that you tried to upgrade, this did not work because the newer version is not compatible with Sierra, but still it damaged your data. If it is not compatible and did not upgrade, how should it damage data ?

3) Be it as it is, when we are talking notebooks on the server, and a damaged local installation, standard procedure would be:

- backup the local EN database (maybe useless if damaged, but this should be standard procedure before touching the system)

- uninstall the EN app completely, using something like app cleaner. App cleaner is a little program (=app) that is build to remove all files of an installation.

- install the EN app in the version that matches your OS

- open it with your account, and let the notes sync down from the server master file. This may take a while.

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Thank you for this. After I backup my EN database, should I then remove it first? Trash it or put elsewhere? Or will the new install synch over what is there?

I can't explain how this happened. I use Macupdate, subscribe to it, got a message an update available and it was installed. How it could change the files I also have no idea. One of the mysteries.

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When I read your post above, you say you get a message that the data base on your Mac will not work with the older version of the app.

This leads to the conclusion that you have to remove the local database before you reinstall the app. Because (except for all local notebooks) the master copy of your EN data is on the EN server, it will rebuild the data base from this server storage.

First you remove everything related to EN from your Mac, using AppCleaner. Make sure to scroll down in the app cleaner selection window, and check all  files and folders for removal.

Then you reinstall the app with the correct version on your Mac.

Then you enter there with your account access data (user+pw). The app will check whether there are notes on the server that do not exist locally. It will find all of them. Because all desktop clients (Win and Mac) hold a local copy of the data, it will automatically start to rebuild this local database from the server.

This may take a while, depending on the volume of data and the internet connection used.

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