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  1. Thank you for this. After I backup my EN database, should I then remove it first? Trash it or put elsewhere? Or will the new install synch over what is there? I can't explain how this happened. I use Macupdate, subscribe to it, got a message an update available and it was installed. How it could change the files I also have no idea. One of the mysteries.
  2. I don't know what the AppCleaner is. Part of the Evernote production? Something to download?
  3. Thanks for the guidance. I used the link from CalS and downloaded the previous version of the app. It works fine with my OS but when I open it a message comes up that my data has to work with a new version of the app. So looks like I have lost all my data of the last several years. Bummer!
  4. I upgraded the Mac app for Evernote when alerted it was available but I am using Sierra and app not compatible. I have been searching but don't find how to download an earlier version. Are they available somewhere? — Richard
  5. Still not working for me. Disappointing because I used it a lot. I find myself using Evernote less.
  6. Thanks for your help with this. Very frustrating and am even having thoughts of abandoning Evernote! I will try the twitter approach.
  7. I went to the link you suggested here, downloaded the update. When I try to install I get an error message "Safari cant install this extension. An error occurred while installing the extension "Evernote Web Clipper." Tried more than once with Safari both open and closed. Any other suggestions?
  8. I tried to contact support but it says I have to buy an upgrade to get email support, so that is not going to help me. Are you suggesting that there is an update available somewhere that I can obtain? Can't do with present arrangement as it says I have not logged in, so can't use the clipper to upgrade through. — Richard
  9. I have the same problem, does not work any more but the issue is that it has a dot on the icon and when I try to use it the message is that I must sign in first. So of course I do this many times but makes no difference. I am using an iMac running OS 10.5 and Evernote 6.10.
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