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Searching is not working in Sandbox environment

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I'v just created new account at https://sandbox.evernote.com/Registration.action, and made some notes on the sandbox web page.

Then I searched notes with some words on the web page, but with any words, result is always "no notes found". 

I want to develop an app which query some notes from this Evernote, however because of this, I can't manage to implement.

(I tried with Android Demo App to query some notes too, but because of this, result is always "Empty notes" even though I get all notes when I search with empty)

I'm defeated, what would be happening ?

Any comment will be appreciated, please help me.

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スクリーンショット 2019-07-20 2.08.04.png

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I am experiencing the same issue. In the webapp and in the API the search tags do not work. Trying things like created:week-1 and it returns always empty. Trying with NoteFilter()->words and from the webapp. In production works fine, in sandbox, empty result always. 


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I'm also having this issue in the Sandbox environment. I originally thought it might be my code but now I see search doesn't work in the web client either at sandbox.evernote.com so I'm not sure what to think.


Is there any update on this? I don't want to spend any more time coding until I know the backend is available/working. This is the example code I'm using: https://github.com/evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-php/blob/master/sample/client/find_notes.php

(My dev account uses a different email address to the one I reg'd to this forum with, but I'm happy to provide more details. Thanks!)

Gan Teideal.jpg

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Still Not working.  Has blocked our progress on this for... something approaching a year now.

If anyone is having succes, please report your results, and how you have gotten it to work.

Some questions:

  _Did @Nick L. leave the company?

    My inclination is that is: unlikely as I see posts from him as recently as 10 days ago (feb 26)

  _ Is this a an attempt to do a clever "these are not the droids you are looking for"? or is it ok to call it for what it would be called in any other normal Non-tech situation: gaslighting, and ignoring the situation, and just hoping that the concerned people it is affecting will just shut up and go away?  It sound like the company is still infected with the DNA of Phil Libin's 3 rules of customer feedback  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpKR1ZRTsr0&feature=youtu.be&t=124   which include everything EXCEPT actually listening to, acknowledging the customer, and/or changing behavior based on the feedback. :(


  _ Does Evernote really think that just pretending that this most broken functionality just doesn't to anyone else just because THEY have decided it isn't "great" or "important" enough to do something about it? They also seem to be still carrying the DNA of Andrew Sinkov:



The Evolution Of Evernote's Story with Andrew Sinkov

 Unlisted Oct 23, 2014

We waited for Ian365. and even patiently extended our wait to Ian365q1. Now we have passed Ian365Q1M1 as he enters month17.  It appears that his decency as a man and successful CEO experience with a previous startup is NO SUBSTITUTE for a company that doesn't think it is TOO IMPORTANT to fulfill it's original calling to society and it's customers, and has the humility to DYFJ (do your frickin job) and just keep their own trains rolling: eg keep the your api working for your developers. Be consistent be stable, more like a reliable digital UTILITY company.

it is helpful in the Andrew Sinkov video if you start back at 10:56 to listen to him articulates Evernote's philosophy:

"There is a note taking space ... we already dominate it ...a crappy space to dominate"

Apparently supporting new developers has also joined the "crappy space" :(

And again, Yes I know, TOS,  and legally Evernote, a digital company is allowed to add or remove any feature or service they want at will etc etc. So I'm uninterested is any discussion about EVERNOTE'S RIGHTS to conduct themselves this way. I am in NO way challenging their rights and prerogatives.

 I am just trying to MEASURE what the company is doing, and to predict as much as possible what they may do in the future, or that they are simply going to continue to be unpredictable, so we can determine in which are ALTERNATIVES need to be found or created.


Added on:

My apologies as a longtime customer if my views to NOT represent those of the MAJORITY of users, the FREE users.  I have used some of Pachikov's original products going back to the original evernote, and some utilities from one of his earlier products around the time of the Tablet PC. I Returned to Evernote in early 2012, and Started paying within a day or two, and have been a paid user ever since. I understand that my particular use cases (ie NOT a BUSINESS user) , and my 47k+ notes as a personal mobile user is not really the market Evernote is interested into going forward. We COULD restore some of the simple features Evernote gutted under the later leadership of Libin & Sinkov using the API, but it seems they've decided to gut that also, but SAY that it is fixed, and hoping we will just stop talking about it. The hundreds of views... oh over a thousand now, shows there ARE some other developers interested in this, but it seems most are content to accept that Evernote is NOT going to do anything about this.

So I accept that we are not the customers Evernote wants.  I accept that other developers are ok with just allowing this major breach of functionality for developers to slide. Mostly it is important to make sure this is part of the public record, (and of course we are archiving all of this for when the inevitable suppression of this thread and the above videos occurs) so when we work on alternatives, the incredulous people that we are talking to can see for themselves, the ACTUAL current STATE OF THE INDUSTRY, of the "note-taking space".  I have a lot of egg on my face. After the most dramatic gutting of some basic & fundamental Evernote functionality circa 2014, 2015, I made a lot of predictions about how Evernote might be willing to re-enter some of their original market where they had begun to really "cross the chasm" into a wider market, after they saw the slowdown in growth from limiting their focus to mostly an upscale, and business audience.  Well I was Wrong.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  Not not just wrong. DISASTROUSLY DELUSIONALLy WRONG.  Despite the easily predictable (and still reversible) slowdown in growth, it seems the Directors STILL on the Board, and the new CEO are comfortable with Evernote adopting the philosophy of Gil Amelio, a former ceo of Apple Computer: 


"Apple is a boat. ...* But there's also a treasure on board. And the problem is,
everyone on board is rowing in different directions, so the boat is just
standing still. My job is to get everyone rowing in the same direction so we
can save the treasure."

...* Some of you know something is missing here. (you can look it up if you don't) That was deliberate, because unlike Gil Amelio,  The current leadership is not even talking about what is missing. Of they do, and have decided simply NOT TO ALLOW IT TO EVEN BE TALKED ABOUT.  And in this post where some people have dared to talk about one small part of a long list of multiple ...*, just to pretend that they have solved it, and hope that shaking the shiny keys in front of the baby will distract everyone.

This post is on the behalf of many of us saying "we are not distracted". The attempt to snuff out completely part of the most universal aspects of Stepan Pachikov's original insight and vision. (And don't let the "bro culture" of Silicon valley snuff out the record of the critical encouragement of Svetlana (whom we affectionately call "customer zero" {like "patient zero")) or the critical role of catalyst of Esther Dyson to create the magic that resulted from the bringing together of Pachikov's and Libin's teams).  And no we are not spouting crazy fiction when we talk about what has happened with Evernote in the last 5-6 years.  This is a true story. This particular thread is one of the best examples of many more crazy episodes that are part of the long saga of Evernote.

But anyway, one step at a time. This is to measure whether they are again willing to accept the help of developers, or still think they are smarter than everybody else in the world and can or should even TRY do it all by themselves....


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Update: Still not working as of 2020.03.11 12:49 MST USA customer of Evernote.





1 _ Dell optiplex win7-64bit Opera Browser Version:66.0.3515.115

2 _ LG Phoenix 4  android 8.1.0 Chrome browser Version 80.0.3987.132

I do have other WIndows 10 machines, and higher end Smartphones like a couple of Galaxy Notes, but I will report my results with these as  a baseline of widely available and affordable hardware.  Also it will help isolate if the sandbox functionality DOES return, But only on certain hardware, OSs or browsers.

The tests that I will be reporting on in this and all future updates is:

   _ Shutdown and restart the browser

   _ goto https://sandbox.evernote.com/. If already logged in I will logout.

  _ Login, with Remember me for 30 days UNCHECKED.

  _ I will verify that the notes are there. in this case ~ 90 notes.

  _ I will then do at least two searches.

     a) one that will have a word I know for sure is in any of the notes.

     b) one that will have a word I know for sure is Both

          Included in at least one note

          NOT included in at least one note

____ If Evernote staff or other users have further suggestions of any other criteria I should be including, or any other testsI should be conducting, please be sure to let me know.



"Pamki IT Project"












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On 3/10/2020 at 6:40 AM, PinkElephant said:

A lot of words to say „I am dissapointed“ . Too many to fit on a tombstone, if this was the intention.

Could you clarify this?
I admit even after searching the only 4 other references in the history of the forums (https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q=tombstone&quick=1) and thinking about it for a day, I'm not sure I get the relevance of your comment to either the intent of the original poster, or my post.

  It seems unlikely to me, considering the thread, but am I supposed to percieve it as some insinuation that a tombsone is in my near future?___ Or is metaphor for my being in danger of being kicked off the forums?_____ or Terminated as an Evernote customer?______  Please elaborate. 

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On 3/10/2020 at 6:40 AM, PinkElephant said:

A lot of words to say „I am dissapointed“ . Too many to fit on a tombstone, if this was the intention.

I want to make it clear I AM TRULY VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR RESPONSE.  Getting a quick and timely response is a rare and precious thing on this thread, so I don't want to miss any of the informative value. Also it helpes to bump this thread up in the forums, so maybe we can get the attention of someone at evernote sometime in the near future.

To prove how serious I am about the implications of a quick response, I did some quick math on how much time USUALLY elapses between posts on this thread.

 7/24        5 days
 7/27        3 days
 7/30        3 days

11/15      108 days 2592hr 155520 min
12/13       28 days
 1/30       48 days
 3/10 12:26 40
 3/10  6:40  0.22 Days 5:14hr  314min! 494 times faster than the longest response time.
 3/11 14:40  1.27 days 30:30hr 
Your post and My previous reply Directly to you
 3/10  6:40  
 3/11~14:10  1.33 days  20 hr   
 So you can see that I was so startled by your response (pleasantly startled, that is), that I realized I had never thought checking and of posting more often once a month, much less multiple times a week, or even once a day.

So again, thanks for your attention to this, and taking time to post.

Pam Kiit / Pamki IT

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Well, maybe it is because I am doing it for free, to help some fellow users (if I can).

It plainly makes little sense to post stuff here that 

a) is very technical, because we are users and do not have the means to analyze stuff

b) is disappointed about EN and wants to tell this to the world, because everybody is free to use what he wants. Pointing fingers at EN is often pointing fingers at oneself, for choosing the wrong software.

The forum is a great place to exchange user experience, and to discuss ideas about how to use it. Sometimes we can help each other to fix a problem.

Up to my knowledge Nick is with EN, and as the rest of the staff currently working hard to bring the new release with the much improved editor into rollout. Probably they do not have much time to read through the forum.

If you need to report a bug, or get technical help, open a support ticket - the forum is not the place to get this done.

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March 25, 2020 and searching in the sandbox environment STILL isn't working.


If you need to report a bug, or get technical help, open a support ticket - the forum is not the place to get this done.

That's 100% false for developers. Evernote clearly doesn't care about actually receiving bug reports from devs. If you go through the developer documentation, it specifically directs you to the community forums. Under How to Report a Bug, it says this:

How do I report a bug?

You can search for the solution to your problem on the Developer Support page. In addition, the best place to provide feedback while working on your projects is our Developer forums.

Which is also the exact same answer under "How do I contact developer support?" In other words, go to the forums (which is what people have done), we don't want to talk to you directly.

Our product requires being able to search for notes. I guess we're testing against production since Evernote doesn't seem to want to fix their sandbox.

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Have you even opened the page where you claim a specific function ? Because if you did, you would read the text I am posting below. It clearly says it is an internal testing site, not open for the public. On the other hand this is a public forum, dedicated at the functions of the publicly available, released software.

Your post is misleading - anybody needs to read the whole thread to find this out.

If you need anything regarding the testing sandbox, contact support.


Internal test page for logged-out users

This page is an internal test website of Evernote that is not intended for the public. No products or services can be purchased from this website. This internal website is intended exclusively for testing purposes for Evernote developers and testers, our partners and community members involved in development. If you did not want to visit this test website, please switch to our public website at evernote.com.

By continuing to use this test website, you acknowledge that this is a website purely for testing purposes. Products or services cannot be purchased here, and the accounts created through this website are not actual Evernote accounts, but pure test accounts for Evernote internal testing purposes. In addition, all data provided on this website may be viewed and used by Evernote, our employees, representatives, contractors and partners as part of the testing process. All accounts or Data that you create or enter on our test website can be changed and deleted at any time.


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