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  1. March 25, 2020 and searching in the sandbox environment STILL isn't working. That's 100% false for developers. Evernote clearly doesn't care about actually receiving bug reports from devs. If you go through the developer documentation, it specifically directs you to the community forums. Under How to Report a Bug, it says this: Which is also the exact same answer under "How do I contact developer support?" In other words, go to the forums (which is what people have done), we don't want to talk to you directly. Our product requires being able to search for notes. I guess we're testing against production since Evernote doesn't seem to want to fix their sandbox.
  2. Thank you for sharing this - gives me some hope. I followed your instruction on both my Mac native client (6.0.5) on Yosemite as well as Beta Web Client. See my tags attached - they are all used at least once. Still when I try to drag a tag, in my tag list view, under another one I see no sign of nesting functionality. Any idea what I could have missed or is different in your setting? I uninstalled Evernote - downloaded the direct package from the website which is on a different build number from Apps on Apple and now on the tag view (not the tag list) can drag and drop to get nesting. I was all excited when I saw you post this, because I have been BEATING my head against this bug -- it's preventing me from setting up my new organizational structure -- but even after deleting the App Store version and installing the one direct from the Evernote web site, I can't nest tags.
  3. Agreed. This all-or-nothing setting right now is troublesome. Love the feature in general, but I too scanned a bunch of cards before I turned on the address book sync, and would like to retroactively (and optionally) add some of them. But not all. I think the ideal settings for "Add scanned cards to address book" would be: Off, Ask, or Always. I would personally set it to Ask. Then each time I scanned a business card, it would ask if I wanted to add it right then or not. If you decline, you could always add it later.
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