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  1. August 19th, just checking in here. Happy I found this, as I was under the impression something was wrong with my code. Will this ever be fixed? Pretty key part of the API, search....
  2. Experiencing the same issue, time and time again. Ctr+F, aside from requiring an extra step, does not have the same se
  3. I don't even get the "no results" message. The widget itself just doesn't show at all for me anymore. Steps I've taken to try and fix: Reinstall Evernote Web Clipper Disable/Enable the option to show related notes in searches Disable all extensions except Evernote Web Clipper. Ensure that I am making searches that did indeed show notes in the past None of these things worked, unfortunately.
  4. Problem There doesn't seem to be a way to change your encryption passphrase. Expected result A way to change encryption passphrase across all devices, for both past and future content. Actual result There is currently no function to change encryption passphrases. I discovered 2 workarounds. However, they don't scale well and technically don't solve the problem overall. First Workaround Step 1 ) Delete all encrypted text Step 2 ) Restart Evernote Step 3 ) Follow the prompt for making a passphrase again This is extremely inconvenient if you have a lot of encrypted content. Second Workaround Simply make a new passphrase for every piece of content moving forward. Which technically isn't even a workaround because it does nothing for previously encrypted content. Sidenote: You guys claim that you don't store our encryption passphrase. If that's the case, how am I able to decrypt content across multiple devices? Surely you guys have to be storing an encrypted version of the passphrase somewhere.
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