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Hi, I uploaded quite a few notes back on 23rd June 2019, and now I'm going through those notes, checking and tagging,  and find that many have still not been indexed - 18th July 2019. My understanding is that unless the notes are indexed, any search against these notes will fail. I have tried 3 times to sort this out with EN support - twice they have suggested Recreate Full Text Search Index, which I've done, but this didn't solve the problem. Today's session with EN support I could not get them to understand indexing - Have I got the wrong idea about indexing?

Many of the notes are hand written, many are typed, but as EN should do hand written notes - I will take anything it can find!

EN asked me to upload a note that wasn't indexed. These are the responses I got - (I uploaded the same note to Onenote it was instantly searchable - although only the pre printed text on this sample.)

a - The image might need to be upscaled to find the text.

b - The image indexed when separating the image into each page

c - It looks like when the entire image is added into the note, the image is shrieked down to fit with the image. This would explain why the app is having issues indexing them.

Can anyone explain these?



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Thanks for you comments - I'm unsure how to share these notes, but as the notes are public records I have attached one which as it is an image of a computer printed document (which I would guess was professionally scanned, as it came from the British National Archives)  I was really surprised that it wasn't indexed. In fact I've had a response from EN support and he can't get the image to index either - Onenote has no problem with the Jpeg.

Another worrisome problem is that, as support confirmed, there is no way of knowing how many of my notes have not been indexed. Support suggested looking through my notes, but as there are some 12,000, not very practical.


George Thomas Williams BK 001 Probate.jpg

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Is there a reason why this doc is a JPEG ?

For text JPEG is probably the least suited format of all common file types. The compression works fine on colored fotos, but for printed text I would rather prefer pdf or in case it should be a pic TIFF, if possible in B&W. TIFF compression on a text-image is very efficient, and the result nearly as good in legibility as an uncompressed picture.

And yes, you can read it as a JPEG as well, and EN should index it ...

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9 hours ago, doctorkeo said:

I have attached one which as it is an image of a computer printed document

I stored your image in a note and the note details said "No images to index"272469988_ScreenShot2019-07-21at05_21_21.png.011581904fde71e4a7c8ba88fc2f8e6d.png
Evernote does not seem to like this image file
I don't like this image file - it's size is wrong;  300KB would be more appropriate

I converted to pdf on my Mac and it was OCR'd and indexed
I used an external OCR process with no problems


I took a screenshot of your post
The image was OCR'd imediately and indexed on my Mac217465806_ScreenShot2019-07-21at04_33_25.png.f45a750348435e1dd7c192fc5ed4d1ab.png


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