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Website field missing from Business card scans?



I can't believe it if this is true, but I cannot find any way to add a field Website or URL into the business cards?!

I upgraded especially for this, so if this (in the digital age!) is not there, it's disappointing! Or am I missing something?

What I'm hoping is that each business card with a http or www address will scan into a URL field that will be clickable and take me to the website. 


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No, as you may know. Nothing there. OK, so let's move on from the "it doesn't do as you'd expect" to the WHY and WHEN. 

Do we accept that business cards generally have a web address of sorts these days, generally starting with http or www -- whether a website, facebook page, profile page, telegram URL, etc... but in any case, always having a certain format known as URL? 

If we accept that -- and I certainly do -- then can we proceed to the obvious question: why don't we have that as a field?

Then if the answer to that is "we had not thought of it", or "indeed, why not", then we can ask: is there any obstacle to having that implemented?

After all, we have FAX numbers in there (fewer in existence these days than web addresses).

I also presume that Evernote as a business wants to be cutting edge (which it is in many areas) and would realise that this is a glaring omission, and want to fix it.

Or, are we being led by developers? Or do we have a voice as "users" and paying ones too? 

Maybe a different response to my question could have simply been:

"No, unfortunately not. You may like to make this suggestion in ... place, click here".

Not a greatly welcoming response I must say!

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13 minutes ago, R00tz said:

Not a greatly welcoming response I must say!

Hi again - this is a (mainly) user- supported forum,  and we contribute what help we can in our own time,  so I didn't have the spare capacity to go into the documentation in detail.  My situation is - it works for me,  using the Evernote app rather than Scannable,  and the sort of output I get confirms your comment - there's no obvious place for a web address,  though there is one for email. 

The only obstacle to implementing something would be the thousands of other requests that have been made in the Feature Requests forum where users can vote for their particular favourite(s).  Evernote tend to follow their own path anyway,  but will take notice of the requests and deal with them in order of popularity.

If you'd like me to move your post to a request forum I'll happily do so.


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Just to be sure of that: We are discussing here one user to the other.

We have different perspectives, which may lead to not agreeing to each other. But each perspective has its own value, and should be respected as such.

From my side, I agree that a web address should be part of a structured data set holding business contacts. Maybe it is not there because EN used to have a cooperation with LinkedIn. So they used to load related information like this fresh from the LI-profile of a person.

This cooperation got cut a few weeks ago. Maybe the business card function did not get a necessary update yet to adapt it to the new situation.

Personally, this communication with LI was the main reason for me NOT to use EN for my business cards. I am using an app on my iPhone, that will work as a sort of rolodex on its own, plus create profiles in the iOS contacts. By this I have full control over where the information comes from, and where it goes. A price I pay is that sometimes the OCR is off a bit, which means that mail and web addresses will not work as expected. This is especially true when the business card had some creative drive applied to it.

In these cases, the approach trough LI made life easier for those who decided to hand their contact data over to these guys ...

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Thanks guys, to both of you and for taking the time to explain things in more detail, very much appreciated. 

Wow, I came in at the right time then, as I'd not have liked the LinkedIn/M$ aspect of contact data at all. Would have not used it.

So yes, I think this could be the reason. After all, if we eliminate the thousands of feature requests for other parts of EN, and look at feature requests for business cards note only, I would think this would rank highly in a "no-brainer" or "must-have" addition. It's certainly more useful than a fax field, to most users. Keep fax, but add URL(s)!

Yes if you would be so kind and move the post or thread to the appropriate place, or if you'd like to give me a link if you prefer me to edit/copy/paste a new one there.

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No problem - move done.  I put it in general feature requests,  because it seems to me that ALL business card scanning in all OS's and in both Evernote and Scannable needs the upgrade.

Voting at the top left of the page (except for the original poster - sorry!).

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