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  1. Why would one company not have the same features across the one product? I think you're answer isn't the correct one. Why should someone have to switch? Can I just click a switch to go "Chinese Evernote" with interface in English and not losing any of the features of the Evernote I joined, and not lose my subscription? YES ==> Please direct me to the switch NO ==> Please provide a better answer 🙂
  2. If you want this to be added, please vote for it top left up button.
  3. Unbelievably, although most business cards have at least one URL starting with www or http, there is no scanning and no contact note field for URL. There is a field for fax, for example, although the majority of business cards no longer have a fax. We need web site (URL) field urgently please. There is high value in having a clickable link on Contact notes to the profile, web site or URL of the business card scanned.
  4. Thanks guys, to both of you and for taking the time to explain things in more detail, very much appreciated. Wow, I came in at the right time then, as I'd not have liked the LinkedIn/M$ aspect of contact data at all. Would have not used it. So yes, I think this could be the reason. After all, if we eliminate the thousands of feature requests for other parts of EN, and look at feature requests for business cards note only, I would think this would rank highly in a "no-brainer" or "must-have" addition. It's certainly more useful than a fax field, to most users. Keep fax, but add URL(s)! Yes if you would be so kind and move the post or thread to the appropriate place, or if you'd like to give me a link if you prefer me to edit/copy/paste a new one there.
  5. No, as you may know. Nothing there. OK, so let's move on from the "it doesn't do as you'd expect" to the WHY and WHEN. Do we accept that business cards generally have a web address of sorts these days, generally starting with http or www -- whether a website, facebook page, profile page, telegram URL, etc... but in any case, always having a certain format known as URL? If we accept that -- and I certainly do -- then can we proceed to the obvious question: why don't we have that as a field? Then if the answer to that is "we had not thought of it", or "indeed, why not", then we can ask: is there any obstacle to having that implemented? After all, we have FAX numbers in there (fewer in existence these days than web addresses). I also presume that Evernote as a business wants to be cutting edge (which it is in many areas) and would realise that this is a glaring omission, and want to fix it. Or, are we being led by developers? Or do we have a voice as "users" and paying ones too? Maybe a different response to my question could have simply been: "No, unfortunately not. You may like to make this suggestion in ... place, click here". Not a greatly welcoming response I must say!
  6. I can't believe it if this is true, but I cannot find any way to add a field Website or URL into the business cards?! I upgraded especially for this, so if this (in the digital age!) is not there, it's disappointing! Or am I missing something? What I'm hoping is that each business card with a http or www address will scan into a URL field that will be clickable and take me to the website.
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