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Inline Audio Timestamps



I typically record meetings while I take down highlights within Evernote. The challenge I usually run into, especially on long meetings, is that I have no way of correlating the notes I've written to the specific part on the audio recording. I would have to go through the whole recording and guesstimate where it is.  

For example, if I wrote a note in response to a verbal discussion, I'd like a timestamp next to what I've written that is clickable, taking me to the appropriate portion of the audio recording... maybe minus 3 or 5 seconds (or it can be customizable), inline with my typed notes.

It would look something to the effect of:

(21.33) Explore change management as a way to make customers adopt the technology

(23.12) Consider certifying on change management practice

...wherein the timestamps are clickable and will take me to the part of the recording when I actually started typing those notes/bullets.

Also maybe adding an option to make these timestamps visible or invisible (to reduce clutter when it's not needed).


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38 minutes ago, Mandy* said:

i am not sure why ever note doesn't have the audio recording timestamp next to the written notes like one note.

There doesn't seem to be much user support for this feature request
To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
Current vote count is 1691642946_ScreenShot2020-09-06at7_36_39AM.png.361902e3b6252b4cf892b051de727607.png

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i am not sure why ever note doesn't have the audio recording timestamp next to the written notes like one note. I made the switch to one note because of that.

It shouldn't be this hard feature to add.

Evernote, please add this feature. it is very important and useful. It saves tons of time when reviewing notes

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On 9/6/2020 at 7:37 AM, DTLow said:

There doesn't seem to be much user support for this feature request

There doesn't seem to be much support for any feature request. 

You've been here a while.  You might know this, but:

Have they ever implemented an actual feature request—of any kind or type?

I'm really curious if they have.

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If all feature requests would be followed, we would have one ugly piece of bloatware. There are many requests where a single user (or a small group) tries to push a pet project, a superspecial workflow or else.

This here is a good example for that (the original post from 2019): Time stamps are a typical feature of professional dictating software that usually costs several hundreds of euros a piece. Sure, they do a lot more than just this, but these are very special pieces of software, often with tailor made versions for doctors, lawyers, accountants and the like.

Does a general note taking app NEED such a feature in one of its sub functions (audio note taking) to save the world ? How many users do really need it, and will use it ? My estimate is „far less than 1%“, but development cost (repetitive with each new release) need to be covered.

Yes, there are other feature requests that have drawn more votes. Just one example: We want notes to look alike regardless of the platform on which they are opened. This had a 3-digit vote count. EN implemented this with v10 (just to answer your question: Make this +1, and there are others).

To what effect: Mimimi, we do not like the universal fonts, give us font control back, mimimi. We learn: Implementing feature requests does not create happy users ! Maybe some will be happy, other that were happy will get unhappy, and sometimes the same that pushed something before will complain after, because a feature may cause other things to change as well (like look-alike and font choice).

Conclusion: Implemented feature requests are no good KPI to measure user orientation.

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19 hours ago, Theday1smine said:

Have they ever implemented an actual feature request—of any kind or type?


  • dark mode
  • modernized editor
  • fast formatting with markdown codes
  • Bringing back top-list-view
  • fast accessible overview over keyboard-hotkeys on desktop versions
  • ...

any more questions?

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Personally I believe that it is good to listen to your customers, but decide yourself about which and how user needs should be satisfied. A good product needs to be focused, not everybody’s darling.

Good companies do a good job at this - excellent ones take it further by solving user problems the users were not even aware of having them. The trick is that this needs to target real problems - otherwise you end up like may „strategy consultants“ that come along telling „Here is the solution - let‘s find out about your problem“ ...

If we get a new „dashboard“ view in 2021, this would be a good example for an excellent function not really requested.

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This is a feature that I've been craving for some time.  I would upgrade to Premium to get it.  Didn't know that OneNote already supports this; if the feature works on iPad I'll be switching, at least for meeting notes that I record.  A transcription feature would be equally useful, especially if the transcription had clickable timestamps embedded periodically (say every one minute or so). 

Also, the new ability to add audio recordings to existing notes will be useful for me.  Thanks for that!

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I would love to see this feature. Notability do this in a very nice way, and the only reason I haven't stayed with Notability is because they're Apple only.

As you record the audio you can take notes. When playing back the recording, all the words typed during the recording are greyed out. As you scrub through the audio the words return to their normal colour (black). You can also tap on a greyed out word to instantly fast forward to that point in time.

I find this a very useful feature and would love to see it in Evernote. 

There is a similar post on this topic which I'll copy this reply to

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