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  1. I typically record meetings while I take down highlights within Evernote. The challenge I usually run into, especially on long meetings, is that I have no way of correlating the notes I've written to the specific part on the audio recording. I would have to go through the whole recording and guesstimate where it is. For example, if I wrote a note in response to a verbal discussion, I'd like a timestamp next to what I've written that is clickable, taking me to the appropriate portion of the audio recording... maybe minus 3 or 5 seconds (or it can be customizable), inline with my typed notes. It would look something to the effect of: (21.33) Explore change management as a way to make customers adopt the technology (23.12) Consider certifying on change management practice ...wherein the timestamps are clickable and will take me to the part of the recording when I actually started typing those notes/bullets. Also maybe adding an option to make these timestamps visible or invisible (to reduce clutter when it's not needed). Thanks!
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