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Images duplicated when copying notes and pasting into word

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When I copy the contents of a note and paste them into MS Word, for some reason every image duplicates itself. The text, formatting and everything else pastes as expected - but there are two of every image instead of one! The same thing happens when pasting into MS Outlook, but not MS Excel or into a new Evernote note. 

I use this quite a lot to quickly improve the formatting of a note before pasting it back (it means I can use macros) so this is quite annoying. Obviously it is possible to go through and manually delete every duplicate image, but this turns something that should take a few seconds into a much longer task. 

Any ideas?



System details:

- Windows 10 version 1803 OS build 17134.590
- Evernote version (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)
- MS Word 1901 build 11231.20174

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Any updates ??

I too am facing the same issue while copying content of my notes from Evernote(latest version) to Onenote.

Pasting it in word also has the same problem. Someone mentioned about using "Merge formatting". This doesn't work. Also, you will lose color highlighting from the text if you use this option.

Myself & Most of the people I know, use MS Word frequently, and not rarely. It has so much flexibility in editing the notes compared to Evernote or any other app for that matter.  So this is a bug reduces our productivity.




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Easy if stupid workaround that worked for me. Paste the evernote content into a new Google Doc then File->Download--> as docx. Also, works if you simply paste into Google Doc, recopy the text in the Google Doc and paste into Word. No double images.

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Worked quality once. What I learned that you can do testing as you want - the customers will always find new and innovative ways to prove you did not cover it all. This is not to excuse a low level of testing.

From what I see the new apps work best where the setup is quite standard (like iOS and Mac). It starts to get blurry on Windows systems, and Android IMHO is the same mess as the build and update situation of Android devices in general. Maybe they don’t have a zoo of Androids available with all the major builds and OS updates for testing.

I remember one thread here that in the end was caused by one specific, popular 3rd party keyboard for Android. Hard stuff for testers …

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