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  1. Maybe I'm missing something with the new update, but I can't find a way of adding a new tag to a note. WHen I click on 'edit tags...' the pop up lets me select existing tags, but not create a new one. It just says 'no tags found'. Is there a better way of doing this? I'm not sure what the rationale of hiding tags away is in the new update - it used to be so quick to add or remove tags to notes, one of the key strengths of evernote. Any help really appreciated! Fred
  2. +1 on how ridiculous it is to remove all preferences - what is the advantage??
  3. When I copy the contents of a note and paste them into MS Word, for some reason every image duplicates itself. The text, formatting and everything else pastes as expected - but there are two of every image instead of one! The same thing happens when pasting into MS Outlook, but not MS Excel or into a new Evernote note. I use this quite a lot to quickly improve the formatting of a note before pasting it back (it means I can use macros) so this is quite annoying. Obviously it is possible to go through and manually delete every duplicate image, but this turns something that should take a few seconds into a much longer task. Any ideas? Thanks, Fred System details: - Windows 10 version 1803 OS build 17134.590 - Evernote version (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) - MS Word 1901 build 11231.20174
  4. A minor but irritating bug - when in note view, the cursor doesn't recognise when the pop-up find bar is visible at the bottom of the window and continues to type behind it rather than atuomatically scrolling up. E.g. this screenshot with my cursor in the line under the find box: And the same note with the cursor in exactly the same place when the find box is closed: This is easily resolved now that I've worked out that it is the find box that is the culprit--simply close the find box. However this annoyed me for a long time until I worked this out so I imagine others are similarly frustrated. Could you either ensure that the auto-scroll recognises when the find box is visible, or auto-hide the find box after a certain amount of time? Thanks, Fred
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