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Large Media Files = Slow Database?


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I'm wondering whether Evernote is designed to handle large media files without database slowdown. I realize that there is a 200MB note size limit. I store audio files, no videos, and over the years the database has now grown to 17GB in size. The app and search is running a bit slow, so I'm not sure if it's because of my database size, or because I have 100 Chrome tabs open which makes my overall Mac slower. Anyone else using Evernote with a large database with GB's of media? Thank you!

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20 GB on a PC, no slow downs.  I have my media files (about 10GB of mostly video) outside of EN.  They are in folders on my PC which sync to the cloud, currently OneDrive.  I do have an EN note for each file containing a link to the file on my PC so I can have easy access even though the actual files are stored outside of EN.

Reasoning for me is that EN doesn't really do anything with the video files other than store them, you can't search their contents, it adds 50% to the DB size, and for me it's easier to share using a cloud service.  Just presenting as a different way to handle the use case.  Not a direct response to your question though, sorry.

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4 hours ago, logam11 said:

I'm wondering whether Evernote is designed to handle large media files without database slowdown.

This may be device/platform dependent.

No problem on Evernote/Mac.  
The database is only used for metadata; the note contents are stored externally in native format.  
15GB of note data and 20MB database

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Slightly larger database here (c20GB) and definite slowdowns/ freezes on Windows 10,  associated with frantic disk activity.  There are other threads about this - it's suggested elsewhere that there might be a conflict between other software and Evernote which sparks freezes,  and/ or that the differences in database design between Windows (one huge file) and Mac (lots of small ones) make for inefficient note indexing in Windows.  It's definitely worth raising your issue with Support to report the problem to them and maybe get some assistance...

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