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  1. Hi, I’m trying to disable the QuickType suggestion bar on my iPad. For context, that bar has word suggestions, bold, italics, underline and copy/paste buttons. I’m watching a video with Infuse and notetaking in Evernote on my iPad in Split View. I’m typing with a bluetooth keyboard. Problem is, when I switch back and forth between each app, the QuickType suggestion bar pops up, blocking the play button on Infuse which is at the very bottom of the screen. I have to manually hid the bar everytime when switching apps which is annoying. I Google searched and found by going to iOS Settings > General > Keyboard > English subheading > Predictive I turned off. Yet the suggestion bar continues to pop up, even though I’m using a bluetooth keyboard! Thank you for your advice in advance!
  2. Don’t know how I missed that. Thank you DTLow!!!
  3. I searched the forums and found ways to disable related notes in Mac but cannot find this option in iOS Evernote app settings. I’m using iPad Split View to watch a video and type in Evernote (70/30 view) and related notes is taking up half the Evernote screen space, which is very annoying. I browsed through Settings > Notes but could find the option to disable. Appreciate any suggestions on this matter!
  4. Concur. It would be nice to have the ability to "resize" multiple images simultaneously as The big Discovery has suggested.
  5. I'm wondering whether Evernote is designed to handle large media files without database slowdown. I realize that there is a 200MB note size limit. I store audio files, no videos, and over the years the database has now grown to 17GB in size. The app and search is running a bit slow, so I'm not sure if it's because of my database size, or because I have 100 Chrome tabs open which makes my overall Mac slower. Anyone else using Evernote with a large database with GB's of media? Thank you!
  6. Thanks for your insight @gazumped! I get that there are workarounds, although I believe that supporting Google Translate natively gives English speakers access to the vast majority of content on the internet, and IMHO should be prioritized as a fix.
  7. Hi, I have tried using Evernote web clipper in Chrome to clip a Google Translate web page and it only clips the top portion of the page which is the Google Translate tool. None of the translated text body is included. I have experienced the same result with "Article" and "Full Page". "Simplified Article" doesn't work at all. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  8. @DTLow, that workaround worked for me. Thanks!
  9. I second this request. I believe that Mustafa011's suggestion to add it under the bullets/numbering button makes the most sense.
  10. I drag an email from Apple Mail into Evernote. Sometimes the .eml file will successfully copy. Other times nothing happens, or it will display a long blue hyperlink. It's a bug that should be resolved.
  11. I encountered the same issue. The tip to draw a straight line using "Shift" key is useful, but the transparency is annoying. A workaround on the Mac is to preview the PDF in Apple Preview and highlight. The highlighting yellow color is not pretty or adjustable, but it doesn't lessen opacity like Evernote. One caveat: after I highlighted in Preview, some of the selectable text in my PDF got scrambled. Letters mysteriously went missing. Sigh...
  12. I love Evernote for shopping. With built-in OCR, it's the best visual journal that is instantly searchable that I've found. What annoys me though is when I import photos shot in portrait mode, they are sideways. Now I've searched the forums, and realize the confusion lies with OS X Preview and other image editors recognizing the EXIF data for orientation and displaying them in the orientation we humans prefer, right side-up, automatically. I sincerely wish Evernote would also step up the plate and recognize EXIF data for orientation. At the moment, I have to manually rotate each and every photo, as it seems that I cannot select more than one photo at a time, another annoyance! The time adds up when you're importing hundreds of pics into Evernote. Perhaps I should create or find an AppleScript that batch rotates photos to prep them before entering Evernote. Such a basic feature, please implement! Thanks
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