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Automating backup on Windows of Evernote notes?

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Hi all,

I want to start backing up my EN notes. I have around 7000 notes, which are all very important. How can I automate a backup of them on Sundays, and preferably to somewhere remote? I don't have much money so can't really afford an online storage solution.


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See below for a link to a note on this subject

The easiest way to automate the process is with third party Backupery
You can also use the Windows Scheduler and the Enscript app

What's you idea of "somewhere remote"?
I use iCloud to store my backups  
All the online storage (GDrive, Dropbox, iCLoud) offer a free basic level.

Consider how you plan to recover data using your backup file.
Don't be in the position of needing to recover, and realizing you don't know how to use the .enex backup file



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If you're using Windows I'd recommend a full backup* in Backupery - it's easily customizable for when,  where and how you backup.  I use a rolling daily full backup,  keeping backup files (each notebook is exported to ENEX in a separate folder) for 6 days.  I have a weekly incremental backup of my whole system,  including my Evernote databases.  I think it's bulletproof,  but let's hope I never have to find out...

* I say a full backup,  because as I understand it,  whilst Backupery will do incrementals,  it can't restore a database in one go from there.  You need to restore a full backup,  then add the first incremental change,  then the next...  Backupery has said that it is looking at ways to make restores from incremental backups less labour intensive.

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You can get 50 GB of free cloud storage from Mega if you like.  Should be enough to support a few versions of whichever backup process you decide to use.  Particularly if you use something like 7-zip to encrypt and compress the files.

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