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Evernote for iPad: unused space in full screen?

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Just got Evernote, running on iOS 12 on a 2018 iPad (9.7"). 

Is there a way to make notes actually full screen? Is there some use of the blank space I highlighted in yellow that I can't figure out? It's annoying to have to slightly scroll horizontally when there's seemingly unused space. EDIT so pinch to zoom works but is there any way to make the note fit the window?

IMG_2C094BD042AE-2 copy.jpg

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That could be annoying when using tables like the one in your case.

I personally have not experienced that kind of problem but it was helpful to me to remove distractions and focus only on the text-only notes.

Should be improved when there is a table which width is wider than the default one of a paragraph.

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Hello, same problem here. Would anyone have a solution? For now, I make my notes on the windows app and "read" them on the ipad (i have the 10.5") but the data inside the tables needs to be scrolled horizontally over and over. Rather annoying. Even a simple world wrap option or "Fit to page" that you can do in any other app like acrobat would be great.

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Maybe „It’s not a bug, it’s a feature !“

Full screen uses the same layout as the basic screen, it just adds the 2 blank spaces left and right. It is good for distraction-free writing.

Or maybe it is just an example of simplified programming.

This way, no one must detect the screen size and resolution - it fits from iPad Mini/v1 up to 12.9./2018. When zooming up, the blank space it reduced.

Would be nice in any case if the width would adapt to the physical screen.

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I have the same issue with my ipad pro 2020. I have tried to zoom it by pinching and tried all the methods possible. But only because of this small issue i have just bought Goodnotes even though i have a premium subscription on Evernote

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