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  1. Has anyone else had the strange behaviour whereby when looking at Task View notes that previously had a task on them appear, but on they do not appear on other clients? Any suggestions on how to get rid of the fake/missing task?
  2. I’ve noticed that none of my changes from the web are syncing at all. EDIT: I was using Chrome, but Edge syncs properly. Looks like it is a EN/Chrome issue.
  3. I've got it too now, although major issues with the web not syncing at all. None of my changes to notes or notebooks made this morning have carried through to other devices. Ugh.
  4. Has anyone been lucky enough to have their web client update to v10.15 yet? I work for a government department in Australia and they severely limit the use of apps, so I’m resigned to having use the web client… and of course I can’t use the new Tasks feature. Anyone know of timeframes for update?
  5. I am getting lots of conflicts in the last week or so. It's very annoying. What are evernote doing to fix this issue? It occurs on Windows/iOS/web for me.
  6. Has evernote actually figured this out yet? It's a pain in the posterior!
  7. I'm having trouble with 7.1, and adjusting the column width doesn't change anything. Multiple clicking in and out of notebooks is the only thing that does work.
  8. I absolutely agree that not having a default reminder time is very annoying! I’d give anything for this to be remedied ASAP.
  9. Hi everyone When I’m typing a note on my iPhone (iOS 11) I can’t actually see the text that I’m typing. I have to scroll up to see it, and as soon as I start typing again it disappears. It happens to new and existing notes. In the attached pic, which looks like a blank note, but all my text is above the top. There is a flashing curser (but i couldn’t screen shot that) Does anyone have the same issues as me? Any ideas to fix? I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but to no avail. Cheers Jordan
  10. I'm having the same issue. Unable to select the 2nd note onwards. This needs to be fixed ASAP. I'm on an iPad Pro and iPhone 6S and it's doing it on both. I love the look and functions of this new Evernote, but as a Premium user if these bugs don't get fixed ASAP I think I'll move on.
  11. I seem to be getting something slightly different to everyone else, i can see the pdf in iOS EN but when I click on it to open it says its locked and I need to put a password in. I've tried everything that I could think of and still no luck - anyone else having this issue? PDF's work fine on Mac/Windows platform but not iOS. VERY ANNOYING!
  12. Hi all, I've come across something that I find weird when using Evernote on Windows... it may just be a 'feature' that I've missed, but it annoys me slightly. When attempting to look at my notebooks, all I get is a list of all my notes (in total). What I think should happen is that I get a list of my notebooks in the same fashion as when you click tags, but for some reason it doesn't seem to want to play ball with me. Did I miss the change/update where you can only create new notebooks, create stacks and rearrange the list from the left side panel? I've added two screen shots, one from my Mac and one from Windows, both having clicked on Notebooks. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks, Jordan
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