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  1. Evernote in iOS 13 follows the OS settings and there is no option to toggle the dark/bright mode within the app. The keyboard color also follows the setting. This topic can be closed.
  2. Hello. I can see the redundant area and opportunity of efficient use of screen space.
  3. Hello iOS dev team, I found another app for a reference: Netflix, please check this out.
  4. Recently, Twitter released their dark mode and the keyboard is black as well!! Now it is the Evernote’s turn!
  5. Hello Evernote iOS app team, Please try the IMDb app, it supports contextual switching of color of keyboard. White keyboard at light mode, black keyboard at dark mode. Ticktick is another example I mentioned before and there is XMind which supports contextual switching of keyboard color as well. I am not a developer but I could find that it can be done with just a single line of code. Please make it black at dark mode.
  6. That could be annoying when using tables like the one in your case. I personally have not experienced that kind of problem but it was helpful to me to remove distractions and focus only on the text-only notes. Should be improved when there is a table which width is wider than the default one of a paragraph.
  7. Dark keyboard when dark theme is enabled makes sense. It is not technically impossible. It is already implemented in Ticktick and I am a great fan.
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