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  1. This is truly a joke... I have a table that could be displayed properly on my 12.9" iPad Pro, and instead I get half the screen wasted for blank space...
  2. Hi, I just began using Evernote and I quickly ran into a bug... If I start typing a new tag and there is one already existing, starting with the same letter but a different case, it won't let me put a different case to the first letter. Here's an example: - In a note, type the new tag "skill", and validate - Now try adding the new tag "SDL". When you type 'S', it will autocomplete to "skill". When you type the "D", it will cancel the autocomplete, and you're left with "sD" instead of "SD". - I even tried hitting the left arrow key to go back and try changing the 's' to 'S' but it validated the tag as "D" when I hitted backspace :/ I hope it'll get fixed some time. But right now, anyone know of a workaround to have my tag with the correct case ? Thanks.
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