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  1. I was just visiting to ask the same question. i have to expand, pinch, the view to fill my table with the screen. This needs to be fixed so it doesn’t cut content and actually fill the screen.
  2. I just realized what web beta is. I guess I was in the beta version as well.
  3. Can you provide more information about the notebook search. I tried something similar to what you have listed for searching in a specific Notebook, and it does not work for me.
  4. I've tried to use the Evernote photo option to get copies of text into Evernote, but I discovered that it isn't recognizing all of the text in the document. I've tried a few scanning apps on my iphone to "scan" pages of text to add to evernote. Apps are: TurboScan, Adobe Scan, and Scanbot. I'm finding that some of the OCR features within Evernote, doesn't seem to work with all of the apps that scan text documents. Scanbot is an app that Evernote lists in their App section, but the PDF documents that I have created with this app are useless. Evernote won't scan the document to find the text. Adobe Scan & TurboScan seems to work. What are others using to ensure that the OCR function will work with scanned text documents?
  5. Is there a time frame of when this will be fixed. This is a deal breaker for me. I need to be able to search within the notes. As a premium subscriber, will there be a discount applied ?
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