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  1. Hi, did you end up reaching out to their support chat? Maybe update to the latest version? Mine just...does
  2. Concur with request. Splitting up notes (at least for me) into multiple files is not an option. Would be great if the note didnt reset to the top every time I get up to get some coffee and have to unlock my ipad. On ipad OS 13 btw. Crashing (on Public beta 1) on public beta 2 seems to have resolved in most circumstances. Not perfect but definitely usable
  3. Bump Any solution? If I'm reading a 100 page note and the ipad locks up, when I unlock it...notes gone back to the top...sigh
  4. Multiple <not responding>...mostly on sync Have to force close and restart Edit: Fixed (for now) by increasing sync times to 10 minutes Edit 2: Nope, back again (Like Ludacris)
  5. Hello, same problem here. Would anyone have a solution? For now, I make my notes on the windows app and "read" them on the ipad (i have the 10.5") but the data inside the tables needs to be scrolled horizontally over and over. Rather annoying. Even a simple world wrap option or "Fit to page" that you can do in any other app like acrobat would be great.
  6. 2019 user chiming in. Maybe Year 5 will bring rains to this parched woebegone request
  7. Hello there, Bumping this topic as a new user. Exact same issue. I, as a student, take a lot of notes. Many of these involve pasting contents of the windows "snipping tool" (Cant seem to justify using the clipper) from google, other programs. I just want to simply search and "jump" to my content instead of scrolling over and over in vain attempts to find the actual word that has been OCRed. Any solutions? Thank you Update: Great news, this 'request' has been 'passed onto the development team'... hahhaha . In the meantime, thank you to whoever suggested using the android app's evernote search function.
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