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Mr. J. Tennant

James Tennant


Paid for Evernote Premium, but account says BASIC user. Two devices seem to have all of my previous information (seem to be premium), but one (the main computer) device says I am a BASIC user. I cannot sync the three devices (in part because that is part of the premium package). It almost seems like I have two accounts under the same email.

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Check the web version to see what your account status is there, should be Premium if you upgraded.  If yes, then try logging out and back in to all three devices.  If that doesn't work I would contact support through Twitter, or come back here.

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@James Tennant, I'm able to verify you have multiple accounts. I've reached out to @Shane D. regarding this issue. He should be able to you out with getting this taken care of.

In the meantime, if you want to try to solve this on your own without the assistance of our support staff, you should try logging into Evernote with other email addresses you may own. 

I apologize if I come across as vague, but these are issues that are better handled via Evernote Support. I would encourage anybody else having this issue to reach out to our talented customer support who are well suited to handle this kind of thing.

See this post for more information:


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