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Pause button for Android audio recorder



I rarely use the direct-to-note audio recorder in Evernote because of it's lack of a Pause feature. When I choose to record an audio note, it's usually because I have too much to say to write it down. That being the case, I often want to pause to compose my thoughts as I go, but I can't do that in Evernote. (Well, I could do it, but it would mean long, empty spaces with no speech in my audio recordings, which are no good, either.)

Instead, I end up using the built-in audio recorder on my Samsung phone, which creates files that are over 10 times larger than those created by the Evernote recorder. (Of course they are higher quality, as well, but for a voice note, that's not important.) You can see the file size difference from my 10-second test in the attached image.

Implementation of this feature would benefit everyone, because we all want more compact file sizes, right?



Evernote audio file size comparison.jpg

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2 hours ago, boneycur said:

I rarely use the direct-to-note audio recorder in Evernote because of it's lack of a Pause feature.

Same here.  The Evernote recorder feature is too basic for my needs.

I use third party products for the extended features.  One of my favourite is Cogi.

More than a pause button, I want separate files.  I  also want to record only the unimportant points.

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Not sure about this one - in general,  more features added to Evernote means a bigger and more complicated app;  and just like the general attitude of 'you want styles? - use a WP'  I think the basic recording feature is fine for quick use,  but you want better quality?  Pause controls?  Editing features? - Check your app store.  There are dozens of other apps out there specializing in sound recording and editing.  I know its easier to have a process controlled from one location,  but Evernote have to develop a full-featured app compatible with all the usual platforms while still fixing the glitches in notes / tags / syncing / formatting etc etc. 

My audio recorder of choice saves to MP3 files,  so size is not a concern either.

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