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Experiences with 8.3?



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On 2017-08-08 at 9:30 PM, markkul said:

Hi, I see that Evernote 8.3 has appeared yesterday. Does anyone have any experiences about it yet?

I had trouble with the upgrade.  My iPad reported the new version downloaded, but Evernote reported the previous version.

I deleted the Evernote app to force the new version installation 

The revision notes are


The only issue I’ve discovered is

Reminder notes - indication of completion.  I recall a strikethrough date 

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HI, I have had trouble with very slow evernote on start of it on my iPhone 6. Always showing  grey screen for 5-10 seconds.  Iupdated to the new version 8.3 yesterday even if there was no mentioning of any speed fixes. 

Then I opened some notes and it all looked fine. I left evernote with a note open.

This morning I wanted to look up something in evernote, so I start it ... Surprised I immediately see the note I left it in yesterday (no grey screeen or delay). And I can immediately scroll around in the note... or go back to the list of notes.

WOW... The problem is fixed ... :D I am soooo Happy :D 

Thanks a lot Evernote, now Evernote again is my favorite app :D

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Significant speed improvements, no lags or restarts at all for me.  Continuous movement, no time to be distracted.

Also, tables seem to be fixed.  Proportional widths in landscape mode on my phone.  And modding the table on my phone doesn’t hose the format on my PC.  

Productivity returns!  Great job Devs.  :)

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I'm happy they've fixed the issue where the client would randomly replace content from one note with that from another. It hasn't happened to me in a while but it's nice to know it's truly fixed (or at least I hope I can trust it's been fixed). That was a significant source of worry for me.

The only thing I noticed was that upon installing v8.3 my iPhone started asking me repeatedly to sign into my Apple account again. I'm pretty sure it was the update that prompted this because uninstalling Evernote made the issue go away. BTW, if anyone else is encountering this, I tried signing out of Evernote, uninstalling it and reinstalling but that didn't help. Plugging in my Apple password when prompted took care of it, though. FYI. I'm a bit dismayed to see the return of this bug. For me it's the third time it has reoccurred, and I find that surprising.

I wish I could say I was "happy." I think it's more accurate to say I'm less frustrated with Evernote. But it took eight months to iron out a host of major bugs, most of which shouldn't have made it into a beta version much less a production version. Some of them caused me significant hardship in both personal and professional situations.

I researched alternatives to Evernote but decided to stay put for now because I feel Evernote provides more flexibility with organizing notes and better search tools than the competitors I've vetted. But I can't go through this again. If future upgrades with any of the clients I use go this badly again, I'm going to move to one of the other products I've tested. I doubt I'm alone in feeling this way.

I hope Evernote truly listened to its customers and addressed whatever organizational problems led to botching the roll-out of the new iOS client. I don't think it's going to good for the company's bottom line, otherwise.

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19 minutes ago, Bill Myers said:

I researched alternatives to Evernote but decided to stay put for now because I feel Evernote provides more flexibility with organizing notes and better search tools than the competitors I've vetted.

Likewise; I haven’t found a satisfactory alternative to Evernote

All problems are frustrating but I won’t allow lost access to my data.

  • When I encounter bugs I can’t work around, I downgrade to a previous version (easier with the Mac).  
  • I can also fall back on my backups; an html export on a cloud drive.
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