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  1. Experiences with 8.3?

    Seems a great improvement on the previous - which was unusable due to corruptions etc.
  2. This is still a problem.... response from support was "Francisco Virgen Peraza (Evernote Support) Aug 21 14:20 (PDT) Greetings Thank you for contacting Evernote technical support Unfortunately we are experiencing some issues with evernote. we will make a report and send it to the developers regarding this issue Francisco P" I was then sent an email three days ago to check how I felt the query had been dealt with and the links don't work!#? Hello mike wood, We'd love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking either link below: How would you rate the support you received? Good, I'm satisfied Bad, I'm unsatisfied
  3. Raised issue with support - support ticket #120184
  4. This registry entry works well in the windows client, but its a shame the other clients seem to take no notice (web & ios).
  5. Note sure when it started and it seems inconsistent but I have just noticed the web client no longer downloads the full size file/image. It does on some notes, but on most it doesn't. See "JPG download size" in this notebook https://www.evernote.com/pub/m1kewood/ocrproblem Top image should be 1774KB rather than what downloads which is 214KB? In the same notebook "Large JPGs" images download at the correct size...
  6. ios Can't create note links in EN iOS clients

    It's missing there is no method, as far as I'm aware, other than using the EN web client in something like the puffin browser app.
  7. Who's got the coolest Evernote map?

    Bring back (iOS) the ability to filter places/map view and it becomes way more useful!
  8. Added lost ability to select multiple TAGS (16)
  9. ios Evernote5 for iPad: multiple tag selection gone?

    To be honest I couldn't find how this feature works/worked... Am I right that you have to edit the tags as if you are are about to delete one? In any case I'll add it to the lost features list.
  10. @cwb I think you have to revoke all the application passwords not just one.... Which is a pain.
  11. Do you use Outlook? I have found having disabled the EN com add-in that I no longer have these visual issues.
  12. @alba63 To be honest most of the missing features have returned plus we have several very impressive features we didn't have before. Personally I now only really miss two features: 1. Filtered places view. Rather than seeing all your notes on the map you could filter for a specific tag like house hunting or restaurants. 2. Thumbnail image view which would give you a thumbnail for every image in a note not just one.
  13. 1 LOL 2 I think this is expected behaviour, probably waste 5 minutes a year though!
  14. Not a dumb question. It should work. Holler back here if it doesn't. Works. Very polished, what I hoped for, but didn't expect! Well done.
  15. OK looks good.... BUT stupid question. If I turn on 2fa will I be able to issue an application password so I can continue to use EN version 4.4.0 on IOS?