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  1. Seems a great improvement on the previous - which was unusable due to corruptions etc.
  2. It's missing there is no method, as far as I'm aware, other than using the EN web client in something like the puffin browser app.
  3. Thanks for trying further I'll add it to my bug list! (B19) I would report it to support too as they may not be aware - http://evernote.com/contact/support/
  4. Looks like you have the note zoomed as well in that screenshot. I use an iPad 3 when you start to edit if often doesn't show the cursor properly but as soon as you press the first letter it moves and keeps the cursor visible by scrolling the note as appropriate.
  5. Oh I see.. could be because you are using the split keyboard mode. Frankly split keyboard and bluetooth keyboard have multiple issues, its not something they appear to have tested much.
  6. Welcome to the forums. There are quite a few minor bugs... http://discussion.ev...en/#entry178088 Are you zooming the note? Generally if you don't zoom the note and edit the note in full screen mode the note scrolls to keep the cursor visible. It may be an iPad mini specific problem.... As a work around you can undock the keyboard by holding the keyboard symbol (bottom right of keyboard).
  7. FastEver (FE) Snap is great for image capture to EN 320x240 640x480 1024x768 1600x1200 or full res
  8. Actually Grumpy in Windows you can adjust the DPI of the whole screen which EN responds too as well as menu text, titles etc. individually (all part of windows screen settings). Although this affects all apps which may not be what you are looking for?
  9. You can insert images into a table, this will then allow text to appear along side them/it.
  10. @Grumpy TextExpander does all sorts of clever stuff like inserting the current time and date, math symbols etc... http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/faq.html
  11. @neverforget if you can remember the last things you added/updated in EN... Login to EN on the web and check they are there, if they are then I'm sure it will be OK. @jmichael @heather What support send you in my experience are these instructions.... If you have any "Pending" notes, click the "Pending" tab (iPhone/iPod) or go to the "Pending Synchronization" section (iPad). 1. Copy the content of each note to your iOS Mail program and email them to your Evernote email address (do NOT attempt to email via Evernote). 2. Check your Camera Roll to ensure that any pending Image Notes have been auto-saved. If not, use the built in iOS "Screenshot" function to preserve Image Notes to your Camera Roll. 3. Uninstall Evernote from your device. 4. Reboot your device.* 5. Download the latest version of Evernote via the AppStore. * Reboot isn't really an iPhone expression I'm not sure whether they mean power off and on (restart) or reset?
  12. You can easily merge them from within EN windows... Highlight the ones you want using CTRL or SHIFT and then click merge.
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