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A view that hides future notes



Whenever a new event is scheduled, I start a note for that event.  It usually starts with nothing more than the date, venue, and general focus of the upcoming event.  As details are added (agendas, attendee rosters, further travel or dial-in/log in information, other details), I add these to that note.  So once the day of the actually arrives, I have a completely organized note prepared for my active participation with all the relevant information and attachments at hand.  I manually change the "created" date to the date of the event itself.  

It would be very useful to have a View in "All Notes" that screens out the future events.  (All notes is my go-to home base. so I can see everything that is going on NOW and scroll chronologically backwards for still-contemporary notes, regardless of how they are tagged or what notebooks they reside in.)

As things stand now, with a busy schedule of future (in some cases, far in to the future) events in planning.  Having to scroll through them to get to what is relevant and current now is tedious.  

I could leave the created date as the date the note actually was created, but that is NOT a meaningful point of reference.  When new information arises relevant to the upcoming event, I haven't a clue when the note was first created, if a note for the event was already created, or when it was last altered.  

I can file future events in a special notebook and manually move them, but that doesn't help when I use the All Notes view ... they will still be there.  

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I also edit the Created Date to reflect the actual date and time of future events. If the original Created Date is important, I will type the info into the body of the note.

I use one note as a buffer between past notes and future notes. A shortcut icon takes me to that buffer note. Each morning, I make sure the Created Date of this buffer note has today's date and a 11:55pm time. This lets me see the current events planned for later in the day.

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5 hours ago, MJG said:

It would be very useful to have a View in "All Notes" that screens out the future events.

I make use of the reminder feature as due/start date.  
I also have these notes synced to my calendar (Cronofy Calendar Connector)

This allows me to create whatever views (saved searches) as I require


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