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First line auto-titling not working?

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For the longest time Evernote android takes in first line as the title but some versions ago this no longer works.

It is seriously stopping my workflow - I have to copy and paste titles individually.

Is there any reason why they would remove such a feature? Or is it bugged?

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Hello @Vince_,

Thank you for posting, and welcome to the forums. In Evernote for Android, the note titles are by default titled "Untitled Note" until you are to title it. This is something that was changed several updates back with the inclusion of the new note editor. Having the note auto-title to the first line again would be a great idea, or at least having it as an option.

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20 hours ago, gazumped said:

My current Android beta has Auto-title using location / calendar event as options in Settings....??  (Though they are unticked,  maybe by default.)

Yes, this does work; but that's not as good as having the app pick up a title from the first line of the note. There is a feature request in for this:

@Vince_, you can go there and click the Up arrow at the top of the page to vote it up.

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