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Distraction-free writing environment

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I've been using Evernote for about 2 years or more now and one thing that I've been waiting for is a distraction-free environment, similar to the presentation mode.
Actually, it would be perfect if we could change to presentation mode and also have the option to select a menu to edit the note instead of only being able to see it.

This feature would improve immensely the power of Evernote, specially with us users being able to choose between day/night modes.
I strongly recommend you guys look into this for the next updates :)


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1 hora atrás, s2sailor disse:

Or using the web interface.


That's it :)
Web interface + F11 on Chrome is perfect. That's what I mean when I say distraction free. Thanks for the tip!
It would be perfect if we had this type of interface on the Windows app. But the web version will do just fine. I think I'll start using it more often :D 

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3 horas atrás, gazumped disse:

Hi.  This is a screengrab of my desktop client with the Left Panel (F10) and Note List (F11) switched off..   How much more distraction free did you have in mind?


Hi gazumped. Thanks for the answer. I like this setup you're using, but if I'm writting long texts I need something with as little things on screen as possible.
What I had in mind was something more like what our friend s2sailor posted above. The solution he proposed will do for now.
Unfortunatetly it's only available on the web version, at least for now. But it will help me a lot :)

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4 hours ago, gustavgi said:

If you enable ShowCustomFrame in Regedit, you merge the windows bar with the file bar and make it smaller, taking up even less space.

Only downside is on a dual monitor set up, full screen EN flows over to the second monitor a smidge in full screen mode.  My dual monitor in any case.

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