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  1. I hope the programmers can roll back on this function. Anyway, thanks for the tips!
  2. Yes, the notes are filter by updated order. Mainly because the reminder order is not available. And that's what I'm asking that it should be included in the next version. I have already gone through every corner of this app, clicked on all available buttons and checked all available combinations. There isn't a filter that let's me go into a specific notebook and filter the notes by date reminder ascending/descendig orders. If there is, please help me find it. The options availabe are: date updated, dated created and note title. Plus I can open the "Reminders" and see all of
  3. But that's my complaint. I fins this version bad when it comes to the UX. I don't want to sort ALL of my reminders. I want to be able to go to specific notebooks and there I want to filter the notes. Just like the image I showed you on the Windows version. I use so many reminders that it becomes chaotic if I have to check all of them all together on this reminder "menu" or "notebook-like" option. The problem is exactly the few options we have when it comes to customizing the display options of the notes inside each notebook. The ideal is to sort the notes by date
  4. Most of the notes are ascending, but some are out of sequence. I don't know if maybe it's a conflicting line of a code. I'm not a programmer but maybe some notes are following the ascending reminder date syntax and a few are filtering by 'last updated', so it breakes the sequence. See the attached image and you'll understand what I mean. The first note is set to 08/07/17, but the second is set to 08/11/17, the third to 08/10/17, the fourth to 08/09/17. So you see that it misplaced july out of the filter somehow. Therefore now we don't have the descending filter availab
  5. Hi DTLow. Sure, let me explain it better. Please, check the image below, taken from my Windows desktop. http://imgur.com/4uoDgqy As you can see, I have the option to filter the notes using the date and time reminders. And I actually use it a lot, specially when I'm dealing with bills, since I can see the ones that are closer and the ones that I still have time to plan ahead. I also use it this filter a lot when it comes to To Do lists. I create dates and timers and then I filter the notes so I know which are the ones I need to do first. This is one of the ways I use Eve
  6. Hi. I'm a big fan of Evernote and have been using it for at least 3 years now. It's undoubtedly the best app of its niche, by a mile and half. However, the latest iOS Evernote's versions for iPhone and iPad left me with the impression that the developers put great effort on the interface and changed it so much that it worsened the user experience. The app was just fine. Now there are lots of things that are 1 more click away, which is bad UX. Other things you just can't customize, or can't filter. For instance: if I want to filter my notes by date reminder, there isn't an o
  7. Hi gazumped. Thanks for the answer. I like this setup you're using, but if I'm writting long texts I need something with as little things on screen as possible. What I had in mind was something more like what our friend s2sailor posted above. The solution he proposed will do for now. Unfortunatetly it's only available on the web version, at least for now. But it will help me a lot
  8. That's it Web interface + F11 on Chrome is perfect. That's what I mean when I say distraction free. Thanks for the tip! It would be perfect if we had this type of interface on the Windows app. But the web version will do just fine. I think I'll start using it more often
  9. Hi! I've been using Evernote for about 2 years or more now and one thing that I've been waiting for is a distraction-free environment, similar to the presentation mode. Actually, it would be perfect if we could change to presentation mode and also have the option to select a menu to edit the note instead of only being able to see it. This feature would improve immensely the power of Evernote, specially with us users being able to choose between day/night modes. I strongly recommend you guys look into this for the next updates Thanks!
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