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I wiped the data on my mobile on 14th Dec. I had written notes on all days starting from Nov 11th till 13th Dec using my mobile. But after wiping the data, once I reinstalled the app, I lost the data that I had written from 19th Nov till 13th Dec!

I'm using the basic version. Any help to recover the data would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

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In addition to @gazumped's questions, have you checked the Evernote Web version to see whether those notes are present there? If so, you are safe, and should be able to sync them to the mobile. If not, I believe you can sign up for just 1 month of Premium service and be able to see past versions of synced notes. From there you could recover them and sync them to the mobile.

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On 2016-12-28 at 9:12 AM, akhilabairy said:

I wiped the data of my mobile by going into recovery mode. I did not delete the notes on my phone. 

yes, I've checked the web version. It's missing even in that.

You didn't mention sync
and since the missing data is not visible on the web, I'm thinking there was no sync

If there was no sync, then I'm sorry - I think you've lost your data with the wipe/reinstall

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Hello @akhilabairy,

As @DTLow mentioned, syncing could play a big part in your being able to recover the data. If the Evernote application synced within that time, then these notes would appear on the Evernote website. If not, I would recommend checking any conflicting notes or the trash notebook from the application.

Those would be the only likely places, otherwise recovery wouldn't be possible if it never synced to the service.

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