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Apple News+ and Evernote

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I used to read magazines on Texture.  Now, Apple News+.  I have a problem with magazine topics being on 1 page (scroll down instead of next page).  How do I share only one recipe of this long page  to Evernote instead of the 10 recipes on the 'long' page that end up in Evernote? 

Also, once in Evernote, all shared article/recipe is now "open this story in Apple News" but there is no link to the story.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated!

Evernote - Apple News.pdf

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Hi.  I don't use this software,  but I'd approach this sort of problem by looking at whether it's possible to edit the PDF (?) and delete pages I don't need,  or highlight a section and copy/ paste content.  Even if its necessary to print out a single page and the re-scan the page,  or take a screen-grab of a page,  there must be a way to limit clips to the bits you need...

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Hi @Tinabor, and welcome to the forums! What kind of device are you using to read Apple News+? Is it an app or a Website? And how are you sharing to Evernote? Those details may help get closer to an answer. For instance, in a Website in my Windows-based browser, I can select text and share just the selection to Evernote using Web clipper.

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