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  1. I tried using the shortcut to share an article to Evernote that’s provided in Apple News+ on ipad OS 13.1.x, and I get an error message saying that I need to apply a URL to pass through to the URL. I have no idea what this means. It seems to link back to the Shortcuts app but I thought those shortcuts were supposed to be presets. Can anybody clear this up for me? I am (clearly) not a coder although I wrote macros back in the day in windows, and scripts were readily available for that to cut and paste. In this case I’m apparently already supposed to know what information to enter into the box (which box?) to make it work, and I don’t. Is there any help for me? Color me frustrated. I found what is supposed to pass for a guide to the Shortcuts app, but it is way other than basic and not clear at all.
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